over 50% of pre-sales obtained in just 22 days


Battle Infinity continues to break all records thanks to the results over 50% of its presale (i.e. over 8250 BNB) in just 22 days. The highly anticipated fantasy league game, a potential successor to Axie Infinity in the world of Play to Earn, has already convinced many investors by raising over $ 2 million in less than a month, with a pre-sale scheduled for a total of 90 days. .

Battle Infinity is a project that has made a lot of noise

in fantasy league match destined to revolutionize the sector, it causes a sensation. Indeed, Battle Infinity continues to amaze its development team and community by raising funds at a breakneck pace.

Here’s how to get in only 22 days Play to Earn (P2E), a game that wants to find a place in the Metaverse, has already raised over $ 2 million. Although it surpassed its original limit of 2,000 BNB in ​​just a few days, its maximum limit is 16,500 BNB (where 1 BNB is worth $ 282 at the time of writing). However, it turns out that in 22 days of presale, which should normally last 90 days, Battle Infinity has just crossed half of that limit.

For this more than half what the developers were looking for when they sold their IBAT token, just obtained in just three weeks of presale. For many, Battle Infinity could be the successor to Axie Infinity.

Really P2E targeting the fast growing niche in the cryptocurrency industry. P2Es are gaining popularity due to their mechanism of owning most of the game elements in the form of NFTs and thus being able to resell them. Also, when connected to the Metaverse, the chances for this game’s record success are almost limitless.

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Hence the project the road ahead in its calendar at the level of its presale. It was supposed to take 90 days, but more than half of the desired amount has already been reached and, at this rate, it will only take a few weeks before the maximum limit is reached.


Cryptocurrencies are a risky investment.

The game that opens up the cryptocurrency market

Battle Infinity shows how persistent cryptocurrency investors are with the speed at which they buy IBAT tokens despite the ongoing bear market. Although many crypto projects have lost a lot of value in recent months, the enthusiasm of the community is great. always present.

A relatively recent DappRadar report specifically showed that the crypto gaming industry is less affected due to the collapse of the cryptocurrency. For this reason, investors believe Battle Infinity has a future, just as they believe in the cryptocurrency industry in general.

development in the coming months

Game “Battle of infinity” developed under Unreal Engine the Indian team. Although it initially intends to target the fantasy league market in India, specifically against Dream 11 and Mobile Premier League which dominate the Indian scene with over 185 million downloads of their apps.

Fight against infinity wants to conquer the world. The project intends to first launch its cricket game and then move on to football, basketball and many other popular sports leagues around the world. After all, the principle of this type of game is to build a team based on the performance of real athletes.

Following the successful presale, Battle Infinity co-founder Suresh Joshi said:

We are very satisfied with how the presale went. This is proof that our project is popular and that we know how to create it. Fantasy leagues are ready to take over the world and NFT and P2E are the perfect solution for that. Our goal is to create a game that is interesting, but at the same time useful for the users.

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Development is going well. Our team is working hard on our decentralized exchange platform (DEX) and our decentralized augmented reality app. We look forward to sharing information on these two products soon after the presale ends.

Furthermore, after the presale ends, we will launch IBAT on Pancakeswap and then on the main centralized exchanges. We have not yet decided the price of the IBAT token at launch, but we will announce the details before the presale ends.


Battle of infinity now in phase 3 where, as Suresh Joshi explained, he is working on his decentralized augmented reality application (dApp). Starting with phase 4, this app will be available in alpha version on Google Play and the main Battle Swap network will be available.

Steps 6 and 7 create avatars accessible to the metaverse e the first virtual countries will be available for purchase through Battle Arena. The roadmap is much broader, and if you want to know all the details, check out the official Battle Infinity website.

If Battle Infinity interests you e You want to invest In that. Here is a tutorial that explains step by step how to proceed as you learn more about the project and the IBAT token.

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