Oxford Football Club accepts Bitcoins for games


This English 6th division club has just announced that it will accept Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network to purchase tickets for their matches. For the first time in the country, which once again draws attention to the close links between cryptocurrency and eSports!

First time for an English club

The humble English club Oxford City has just made history. In fact, he will be the first to offer something to his fans. Bitcoin payment for playing cards but also eat or drink at his home in Raw Charging Stadium in Oxford City. This payment method will supplement the existing ones. Thanks to technology lightning-fast networkA bitcoin-based overlay that allows for fast payments and transactions that enable this innovation.

The association also founded one long-term sponsorship partnership with CoinCorner, a cryptocurrency business based on Mann Island. This is the company logo and the bitcoin logo that will appear Club players jersey.

Oxford City players jersey (Source: CoinCorner)

Furthermore, CoinCorner lMain partner of the initial game season, this Saturday 6th August. CoinCorner CEO Danny Scott says:

We believe this initiative will create momentum across all UK departments as digital currencies will become the new normal for sports fans and attendees of all kinds of UK events.

This partnership was also possible thanks to OxBit, Oxford meeting of Bitcoin supporters. The latter regularly organizes bitcoin events on the grounds of the Oxford Club. Here is how the idea of ​​partnership was born after several discussions:

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A trilateral meeting was held and after the club understood and was able to see the impact CoinCorner could have on Bitcoin education and adoption, things moved on.

Oxford City plays in the National League South, equivalent to 6th state level. If we are still far from the level of Liverpool or Manchester City, this news is one of the no longer for the introduction of bitcoins Abroad. Soccer team director Justin Merritt talks about bitcoin adoption:

People don’t need to use this new technology, but we believe bitcoin payments will become the new normal in English football over the years.

Cryptocurrencies and sports: a thriving alliance

Football and all professional sports more and more people are discovering the world of cryptocurrencies. In recent months we have seen many collaborations between clubs and companies or projects in the cryptocurrency industry. LFormula 1 is particularly well positioned in this race for crypto partnerships. In particular we find Crypto.com, which has recently become a sponsor new sprint qualification format in the highest discipline of motorsport and which is also present on the track as a co-sponsor.

The Redbull team made a deal with the ByBit exchange equal to almost 150 million dollars. The exchange now flaunts on the car of world champion Max Verstaapen and his teammate Sergio “Checo” Pérez. FTXanother world class exchange, this is it Rival partner Mercedes. Binance appears on BWT Alpine recently, and this season also introduced a fan badge, as several football teams have done in the past.

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Blockchain projects are also present in the paddock with Fantom Blockchain sponsors Alpha Tauri or Velas appears on the legendary Ferrari. F1 isn’t the only one interested in the roaring world of cryptocurrencies. La Liga, Spanish football leagueI collaborated with Sorare, a fantasy football platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. Major League Baseball North American Baseball League just moved.

The NBA has not stood aside, particularly Crypto.com. on the Philadelphia 76ers jersey and what Exchanges FTX and Crypto.com bought the name rights of the respective Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers from legend LeBron James.

Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid wears the Crypto.com logo on his shirt (Photo: L’Equipe)

Hence the cryptocurrency industry with pleasure of partnership and sponsorship with sports clubs or institutions. Undoubtedly, the major players in the industry see this as a way to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrencies on a global scale through esports.

To learn more about the connection between eSports and cryptocurrencies, check out our full article here.

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