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As the cryptocurrency market crisis is still ongoing, many cryptocurrencies are going through quite deep periods of instability. This is especially true of Bitcoin, the value of which continues to rise. be relatively variable although it remains at the level of around 22-23 thousand dollars.

Aside from the giants of the market, most altcoins also victims of this effect Relevant if its value does not actually change on a daily basis. Among the few tokens that could make a difference is Binance Coin (BNB), which has now exceeded $ 300.

BNB returns above $ 300

In fact, most altcoins have experienced price fluctuations. These too were changes that turned out to be far more significant than the market had seen in just a few months. However, the fluctuations only lasted a few days before finally subsiding.

One of the most obvious examples of this phenomenon concerns the case of Ethereum. A true giant in the cryptocurrency space that has also suffered from fluctuations since its trading last week. over 1700 dollars.

Conversely, a few days later its value dropped to $ 1,500. Recently, this cryptocurrency has managed to regain ground and is currently above $ 1,600. It must be said that his case is also unique in this its next update, Fusion makes a lot of noise.

We also have other popular cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Avalanche and MATIC which are losing a little bit every day. Versus, Pois and Solana Progress has been made which, although small, is nonetheless progress.

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Only Binance Coin can be considered the biggest winner among large companies in recent weeks. It has even registered an increase 5% of the cost. It is because of this rather unusual development that the BNB token rose above $ 300 and reached its highest level in two months.

In addition to BNB, MEDIUM protocol it cannot be overlooked as its value has also increased by an impressive percentage in one day (8%). It is trading well above $ 4.5 today.

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Since the cryptocurrency market is a fairly dynamic area, its news is constantly updated. Important new information includes information about Slanted wallet which is part of the Solana network as a third party wallet provider. This e-wallet was reportedly the one behind the attack on the popular blockchain network.

PeckShield, a blockchain security services company, believes cryptocurrency exchange ZB could be one of the latest victims of a hack. More recently released reports that indicate this 44 million smart contracts have been used on the Ethereum network since its inception.

Bitcoin is around $ 23,000.

By far the most popular and well-known cryptocurrency on the market ended last month on a relatively high note. In fact, it could reach a new peak within a year. last six weeks and also broke a three-month losing streak when he ended his budget in the red.

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However, it was clear that the asset took a bad turn after this slow rally as it fell from $ 24,600 to $ 23,000 almost instantly. He too has saved this value most of the weekend.

If it is true that BTC was nearly $ 23,600 yesterday, it immediately fell below $ 23,000. So far, the BTC token is still struggling below this line after another small daily drop.

This is a situation that significantly affects Bitcoin’s dominance over altcoins, which is currently only 41%. Likewise, its market capitalization is slightly lower today to 450 billion dollars.

Bitcoin News

For the Chief Financial Officer of MasterCard, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general form an asset class. They cannot be considered a means of payment.

Scaramucci, another financial expert and member of SkyBridge Capital, said that BTC has already bottomed out in this bear market cycle. According to him, he is unlikely to fail again. less than $ 17,500.

Bitcoin will continue his kingdom or coins like Ethereum could overthrow it in the future? The question that keeps arising!

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