Price Analysis July 29, 2022


Certainly much less known than Ethereum, Classic Ethereum slowly began to reappear in the vast global crypto industry. We now propose a study focusing on the CTE and its short and medium term variations.

His recent upward trendit allowed him to grow and climb the general ranking by market capitalization. We are still a long way from the levels of Ethereum, which has only been dominated by Bitcoin (BTC) for a while.

This positive rally of the instrument in recent days, has led experts and analysts to wonder if the cryptocurrency will be able to regain new strength or, on the contrary, if it is destined to undergo further corrections (show rally) and then possibly continue the current rise.

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Ethereum Classic (ETC): Historical changes on the 30-day chart

To understand exactly the climbs that accompanied the Ethereum Classic Directory In recent times it is possible to start over and focus first on the medium term (ie on a 30 day chart) and then on very short term fluctuations (even 24 hours).

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From July 16, 2022, you can see how the exchange value of ETC it was approximately $ 14.71 per unit. A figure certainly higher than the previous minimum points, but which immediately kicked off new interesting upward races that became evident in a few days.

Notably, the cryptocurrency has capacity since July 19, 2022 Breaking the $ 25 Wallwho later reached 26 years of age. A surge in general confidence and bullish sentiment that had allowed 27 July 2022 to focus on new monthly targets.

From 27 July until the early hours of today, or 29 July 2022, the Token ETC he managed to reach and break the $ 44 threshold. At the time of writing, the trading price of the asset is around $ 4.46 per share. This shows a 57% change over a 7 day interval and a 23.7% change over a 24 hour interval.

We remind you to follow additional datacurrently updated, on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) cryptocurrency:

  • market capitalization of $ 5,491,804,261;
  • current position in the overall ranking by market capitalization: 19th place;
  • 24-hour trading volume of $ 6,383,385,852;
  • Dominate the entire cryptocurrency market in the amount of $ 0.484;
  • the ratio between the volume and the capitalization amount equal to 1.1997.

Final comments

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