Price analysis updated on August 4, 2022


We propose a targeted study to analyze Price of Ethereum (ETH).which is the second most capitalized cryptocurrency in the world, as well as the one that arouses the most interest in the cryptocurrency sector, especially due to its significant structural changes.

From the beginnings to today Ethereum value it has seen many developments, starting from a few cents to colossal figures throughout 2021. In the first half of 2022, the performance of the asset also mitigates the fall in the cryptocurrency market, which was on average declining.

Now that many large-cap cryptocurrencies are trying to catch up, How does Ethereum fit in? Could the evolution of its updates represent a positive impact on the asset or be seen as a real double-edged sword?

Let us consider the latest in detail Variants of tokens and medium- and short-term cryptocurrency trends. Always remember in advance that you can find Ethereum from professional brokers, such as the market leader eToro.

With the same you can evaluate the performance of the EPF on a convenient real-time graph and trade dozens of cryptocurrencies, even from an unlimited demo account with no time limits (also manageable via app).

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Ethereum (ETH): Development of the token in the last few hours

Ethereum (ETH) found in the last few hours Support close to $ 1,560 per unit. A level that has recently been widely considered by experts, that is a threshold that has been crossed several times up and down and that has been seen as support or resistance dozens of times.

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To understand it, it approaches wealth changes, it’s nice to start over and see the cryptocurrency’s movements over the past 14 days, which is a two week period. Specifically, as of July 21, 2022, the asset’s value was approximately $ 1,505 per unit.

A share is immediately replaced by a clear healing, which had pushed the value above $ 1,600 in a few hours before undergoing thoughtful corrections at the low points. After hitting prices below USD 1,400 again (July 26, 2022), Ethereum then enjoyed one of the most consistent rises in the last month.

The same allowed him Earn tips over $ 1,750 on July 29, 2022. An adjustment period has brought Ethereum’s trading price to around $ 1,630 per ETH currently. A value that therefore remains (at least for now) above the psychological threshold of $ 1,600.

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency is showing its fluctuations, the mother ecosystem (Ethereum)continues to show some interesting developments in its delicate transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake.

An aspect that certainly cannot be ignored and must be carefully looked at in the overall analysis of the cryptocurrency. We will be kept informed of this.

Final comments

At the end of our little study, we want to remind you (also considering the volatility, risk and unpredictability associated with the trend of the cryptocurrency market) that you can always keep an eye on cryptocurrencies price changesusing the practical real-time charts offered by the best online brokers.

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