profitable decision during this bear market


After the collapse of the Moon and UST, the bear market has intensified. Whether it’s Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or altcoin, Cryptocurrencies are depreciating rapidly. During this period and faced with significant losses, many investors had no choice but to remain pending with a bull market horizon forecast for the future.

At the same time, some savvy investors have been able to benefit from the declining momentum in the cryptocurrency market. Indeed, a bear market can deliver great options due to its higher volatility.

So investors can commit various short trading strategies (in short) for profit. Therefore, forward (or future) transactions are particularly profitable because they allow investors to predict future market trends.

Earning in a bear market with futures contracts

As the cryptocurrency market continues its downward trend, futures trading it enjoys growing popularity and attracts a growing number of investors, both experienced and novice. However, this type of position is associated with high risks and is not always the easiest.

Over the past few years, the CoinEx exchange has been working to provide its users with more convenient trading options. CoinEx Futures offers investors, among other things simple trading optionsthrough an intuitive user interface.

In addition, the platform also offers tutorials on futures trading so that as many people as possible can participate. Since then, the exchange has quickly established itself as The most popular platform for beginners in cryptocurrency trading. As a result, the volume of futures trading has increased by more than 700% in the past year.

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CoinEx aims to develop its platform with the aim of Make futures trading accessible to all cryptocurrency investors. The Special Futures CoinEx Ambassador program was created to achieve this goal.

CoinEx Ambassador program dedicated for futures

CoinEx aims to build a community of CoinEx representatives who share the same vision of democratizing futures trading as the platform. By recognizing the benefits of their products and services, they can help investors participate in more complex cryptocurrency transactions. thanks to the opportunities offered by CoinEx.

This allows ambassadors of the special CoinEx Futures program to take advantage of profitable trading options by earning commissions funded by up to 60% on transaction fees. Therefore, at this stage of the bear market, this program offers a win-win solution.

In particular, everyone CoinEx Ambassador receives a commission from trading fees paid by referred users after they have registered on the platform via its referral link and for their first futures trades.

This program is running July 21 – October 21 2022. To be eligible, you must have over 3,000 social media followers or manage a group of at least 500 members.

Many key benefits

There are many benefits for ambassadors. First, they earn a commission of 60% of affiliate users’ transaction fees for three months. In addition, they will benefit from it from the test fund for their futures trading business and CoinEx merchandising products.

Plus, they come with holiday benefits. Finally, ambassadors receive when they invite friends to join the program. 5% commission on earned prizes through their affiliated ambassadors.

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If you join the CoinEx Special Futures program, you can become one of them. active supporter of cryptocurrency. As a CoinEx Ambassador, you can make significant profits in this bear market and also help newcomers by sharing your enthusiasm and advice.

To apply to become a CoinEx Ambassador, simply go to and register on the program page. Then you need to enter the “Futures” code and click “Apply” to complete the application form.

Once your application has been approved, a confirmation email will be sent to you. If you go to the CoinEx site, this is suitable Enter your referral code via the “Referral Rewards” button. Therefore, from 25 July to 25 October 2022, attracted investors may be charged a fee of 60% of the transaction fees if they register using the referral link provided.

Together, the CoinEx ambassadors will facilitate this Mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and allow multiple users to benefit from a simple futures trading solution. Over time, CoinEx has continued to improve its products to transform the sometimes frustrating complexity of futures trading into ease of use for all.

In the future, the exchange platform intends to continue its efforts to create new products, list new cryptocurrencies and offer new services to its users.

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