Saudi Shiba Inu: + 450% but Tamadogge remains more profitable at x100


Coin-meme Saudi Shiba Inu (SAUDISHIB) took over 450% are trending on CoinMarketCap in the last 24 hours. No matter what, you have more long-term investment possibilities in Tamadoga than in a corner like the Saudi Shiba Inu, and now we will explain why!

Yield of the Saudi Shiba Inu

Of course if you could buy Saudi cryptocurrency Shiba Inu today its lowest price (below) before it lasts + 450% depending on the amount invested, it could be profitable. While transaction fees can be high, how can you predict such an event if it’s mostly not luck?

The Saudi Shiba Inu is Relatively new angular meme because if we look at the CoinMarketCap chart, for example, there is no information until July 22. This project is new and we could probably say it because it uses “shiba inu” in its name, but that’s about it.

So if we look a little further, we find that the Saudi Shiba Inu is a meme corner. taxes the purchase and sale of your token to create liquidity. Additionally, the project team planned to launch NFT collections and create a decentralized exchange to place meme coins in them.

It should be borne in mind that there are Hundreds of meme coin In the cryptosphere, everyone is trying to come up with something of their own. On the other hand, too often this difference is negligible and results in a new coin meme similar to many others already on the market. In the case of the Saudi Shiba Inu, in our opinion, this is the case.

Tamadoge to win!

In the world of cryptocurrencies and coin memes in particular, there is a new baby: Tamadoge (TAMA), which has been talked about a lot in recent weeks. You may not have heard of them, just like the Saudi Shiba Inu, but they exist. fundamental differences between the two projects, which explain that in the long run TAMA can make good profits, unlike the Saudi Shiba Inu.

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First, Tamadoge is based on a solid and relatively unique business plan. Using the Dogecoin ecosystem, this coin meme aims to be a game to make money (P2E). elements of the metaverse where to breed, fight (and not only) your Tamagotchi NFT.

Tamagotchi is phenomenon which conquered the world in the late 90s and early 2000s, where the goal was to take care of a virtual pet. Bringing back to life a toy that in the past has aroused passions, as was the case with hand spinning, evokes nostalgia and therefore inevitably causes excitement.

Secondly, since it will be P2E, Tamadoge will not only be fun, it will also allow players to earn rewards. He will have one as a bonus with Tamaverse 3D elements and augmented reality to add meaning to the project. After all, it’s nice to see your virtual pet taking care of more than just a 2D image.

Finally the fights important aspect The game and a game element that requires skill to hope for a chance to win. This dynamic side will make the game less repetitive and therefore more fun in the long run.

No transaction fees

Unlike Saudi Shiba Inu, they exist no transaction fees on TAMA and on the latter systematically at the time of the purchase or sale of SAUDISHIB tokens. In the case of TAMA, commissions are generated at the Tamadoge store, where you can buy or sell items available in the game.

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Unlike Saudi Shiba Inu, who is planning NFT collections with 2D images, Tamadoge is taking it one step further by partnering with Metaverse to offer 3D, which is even more important. more suited to our times.

Hip brace for Tamadoge

In terms of popularity, the Tamadoge has become all the rage in recent weeks. The project is so popular and discussed that it seems like big investors (famous “whales”) I want to be part of the adventure.

Obviously, such support for the project is a good thing. his financial health and therefore also attract even more investors who can only take Tamadoge higher. Additionally, Tamadoge goes further with its Tamavers than a game that allows for fighting. social interactions and discover a new world.

So yes, the SAUDISHIB token can increase by + 450% in 24 hours or even more in a few days. However, it can hold its price in the long run and bolster the reliability of its design compared to memcoins like Tamadoge offered on paper. tempting plan already advanced?

The Tamadoge presale only started a few days ago and has already collected over $ 100,000. If you are interested in investing in this project, here is a step by step guide on how to do it.

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