Shiba Inu at the forefront of the greats: new discoveries on the ecosystem


in the last weeks shiba inus He has had the ability to climb many world rankings. Including the one on the best Ethereum-based blockchain projects. What does Shiba Inu mean besides big?

who does not know him shiba inus one of the most analyzed projects (at least from 2021 to today) and strictly aimed at the crypto, blockchain, decentralized finance sector and recently also at NFT and Metaverso (thanks to the promotion of its new virtual world).

In a few months it has increased its market share and increased the number of Registered users in the community. So the experts started comparing the ecosystem with other similar projects and the resulting data is truly amazing.

Before embarrassing them, let’s remember that SHIB (i.e. the Native token of Shiba Inu) is available on many exchanges and trading platforms. One of these is eToro, a historical broker with real licenses to operate in our territory. It still allows you to get started with a convenient unlimited demo account with no real money deposit requirements.

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Shiba Inu on top of the Big: what does this mean for the SHIB?

Since its inception, the Shiba Inu has made huge strides, trying to quickly show the community that it is possible. more than just a coinwhich (unlike other similar projects) brings real and concrete objectives.

The official launch of his ShibaSwap platform, which raised many doubts at the beginning, allowed the project to develop rapidly. The ecosystem respected the times and carried out all the initiatives it had set itself.

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In the ranking of social signals, ShibaSwap takes first place (in many world rankings). The 10 most important DApp projects built on Ethereum technology. An elite place that has overthrown colossal ecosystems such as Bored Ape and Axie Infinity.

According to data from leading cryptocurrency exchanges and news sites, ShibaSwap recorded an average of $ 10.8 million in daily volume. A very interesting result, especially when compared with other similar projects.

To give an example, even if it is not right, the Uniswap platform it would have been worth about (still on average) $ 1 billion. However, it’s important to point out that ShibaSwap recently blown out its first candle, so it still has a long way to go to grow.

THE DEX results and among other features, they had also allowed SHIB (aka Shiba Inu’s native token) to set new records and reach all-time highs throughout 2021.

All this and then undergoes a sudden Adjustment in the first half of 2022 (on average decreasing). Specifically, how is the SHIB token doing? Can ShibaSwap results also be applied to cryptocurrency? Let’s find out below.

Final comments

The serves as a reference Shiba Inu Monthly Chart (SHIB)you can see how the asset’s value on July 7, 2022 was around $ 0.00001056 per unit. A value that was soon replaced by an increasing progression, which on 20 July also reached about $ 0.00001293 per unit.

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After a sharp correction through July 26 with stocks reaching $ 0.00001045, the asset’s average trend has risen. Never as in these cases, with such extreme volatility, it is important to learn to analyze the variations of the token in complete autonomy.

To do this, you can use convenience real-time graphics provided by the best online trading brokers. With them, you can see values ​​such as market cap, trading volume, buyer / seller value and more in addition to the price.

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