invests $ 100 million in FC Barcelona!


In financial difficulties, Barcelona have just found new money., which is already selling its BAR fan token, has just bought a 25% stake in Barca Studios, the Catalan club’s digital art hub. $ 100 million deal. injects 100 million into the FC Barcelona treasury!

Barcelona management has no choice but to finance an ambitious summer transfer market. sell highly liquid assets. A few weeks ago, the Catalan club already sold 25% of its teleliga rights to an American investment fund. Transaction amount: € 400 million and transfer of the club’s rights to the national league for 25 years. But unlike the agreement signed with the Sixth Street Foundation, the sale to is final.

Thus, the platform has just entered the capital of the Catalan club from the front door. This investment of 100 million euros also represents 24.5% of the Barça Studio. A company that specifically manages the club’s audiovisual production. Yesterday the club president commented on the sale:

We have reached an agreement to sell 25% of Barça Studios for 100 million euros. The assembly permit is available for us […] We sell 49% of the shares and currently have sold 25% of

Good to know : In August 2021, an audit of the club’s finances revealed FC Barcelona’s meager debt: $ 1.35 billion. The club recently secured a $ 595 million loan from US bank Goldman Sachs, as well as a $ 435 million partnership with music streaming company Spotify.

Zoom in on the details of this acquisition!

Barca Studios was launched in 2019 as the club’s platform for creating and distributing video and audio content. In particular, the money made available by should be used to accelerate the Web 3 initiatives of the club dear to Andres Iniesta. also wants to be innovative in the club in terms of blockchain and NFT.

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In particular, the entry of in the capital marks the launch of the Barca Studios Web 3 projects on Chiliz Chain 2.0, a level 1 blockchain created specifically for the sports and entertainment industry. This blockchain will allow other sports brands to mint NFT tokens and fan tokens for use in DeFi or Play to earn (P2E).. The launch of this network is scheduled for the last quarter of 2022.

While many sports fans are discovering Socios today, the platform is the undisputed leader in the token fan segment. He has collaborations with dozens of European clubs such as PSG, Manchester City, Juventus and Milan. and its ecosystem are now trying to reach out to other sports.

Cryptocurrency companies are now increasingly trying to associate their image with world-renowned athletes. Especially when it comes to the ecosystem that revolves around sport. While the partnership between Mbappe and Sorare has caused quite a stir, Messi’s involvement with the platform also gives this project an excellent reputation. In April last year, the Argentinian player became a ambassador for a period of 3 years. The proposed agreement between the two parties sees the Argentine promote the platform to its 400 million subscribers., for his part, will issue a fan token with the image of him, as well as a win of 20 million euros.

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Fans deserve recognition for their support. They deserve the opportunity to influence the teams they love … I am proud to join’s mission to create a more connected and rewarding future for fans around the world. Lionel Messi.

What is the impact on the Chiliz ecosystem?

The announcement had a really positive impact on the price of the Chiliz (CHZ) token. In fact, during yesterday’s announcement, the price of the asset went up by almost 30% in just a few minutes. As shown in the image below, where this “pump” is visible:

After breaking the $ 0.16 mark, the token has gone through a correction phase. As of this writing, one CHZ is trading at $ 0.1351. Or $ 0.015 more than the price of a Chiliz prepump.

As for the fan FC Barcelona (BAR) crest, We are seeing the same type of curve with a strong uptrend followed by a corrective phase. As with Chiliz, the FC Barcelona fan token remains higher than its pre-spike price today. BAR token is currently trading at $ 5.65 from pre-bullish $ 5.05.

This price allows the project to become the fifth fan token in terms of market capitalization. While the Alpine supporters token dominates the rankings, all other projects are in the top 20 football supporters tokens. A sport that remains prominent in the world of token fans to this day.

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