Solana has been hacked again!


New case of alleged Ethereum blockchain hack. This time around, it looks like hacking will affect Phantom and Slope users. number of hacks? About $ 8 million according to initial estimates.

Over $ 8 million stolen!

As is often the case, the warning came from Twitter. Since yesterday, many users have reported hacks that have made them victims. The number of alerts on the transfer of funds from phantom and / or tilt wallet to cold wallet is increasing.

Twitter researcher PeckShield pointed out yesterday that the hacking was likely due to this. supply chain failure. The vulnerability was exploited by hackers who managed to steal hundreds of private keys. He estimates that $ 8 million was stolen after this new hack. Twitter account @nftpeasant estimated the number of losses on ghost wallets alone at 6 million. It took the hackers only ten minutes to steal that amount. As one Twitter user pointed out, a Phantom user would have lost over $ 500,000 in hacking.

With enthusiasm, Phantom also responded to this hack, stating that it is actively working on the problem. However, the crypto company’s statement explains that this is unlikely to be related to Phantom.

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Slope said he is currently working with Solana Laboratories and other Solana-based logs to identify and resolve the problem. The minutes continue to assume that “there won’t be a big breakthrough”. Meanwhile, the NFT Magic Eden platform urged users to revoke permissions for suspicious links in their phantom wallets.

If a hack looks real, it’s hard to pin bugs to any actor. Lack of security in the protocol? New vulnerability in the Solana blockchain? The questions of responsibility remain completely open.

A Binance-funded wallet?

Contrary to what we sometimes hear, blockchain ultimately provides more transparency than any other means of payment. By monitoring the transactions, “fraud detective” @zachxbt was able to highlight that the hackers funded the main wallet associated with yesterday’s attack through the Binance platform. The offending wallet was already funded 7 months ago.

As Twitos shows, the transaction history remained empty until the day of the attack. 10 minutes earlier, the hackers were transacting using 4 separate wallets.

The number of hacked wallets is also discussed. About 8,000 individual portfolios were affected, according to Mist Track. For his part, the founder of Ava Labs estimated that the number was approaching 7,000, but at the time of publication of the estimate, it was increasing by about 20 per minute. It appears that the transactions are successfully signed, which confirms the hypothesis of full access to users’ private keys. However, Phantom or Slope users are advised to pay attention!

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Solana was hit hard by a hack and network outages!

Often referred to as one of Ethereum’s most trusted killers, the Solana network is struggling to find stability. As evidenced by numerous network errors or even some hacks. Earlier this year, the blockchain underwent a very serious hack: $ 321 million after the wormhole hack, the token bridge that connects Solana to Ethereum.

If this new hack is confirmed, it could have serious repercussions for the Solana project.

In any case, the news is already affecting the markets. Therefore, the price of SOL has lost more than 2.15% in the past 24 hours (+ 3%) in a bull market.

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