Solana (SOL) rises despite 8,000 wallets being hacked –


The world of cryptocurrencies has always been a complex sector, Cyber ​​security is the top priority. Every day there are many attacks on the environment (especially on various existing blockchains) and existing projects. Solana is one of the youngest victims of these attacks.

The platform, in fact, was recently attacked by hackers exploiting a vulnerability. Many users of the platform have turned to social media to indicate that they have lost all the contents of their crypto wallet that was on the Solana blockchain. It has a value of approx 8000 number of sacrificial bags from this error.

While such an announcement could have had a big impact on SOL, it doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, despite the recent hack of its ecosystem, the Solana token still managed to become one of the cryptocurrencies. More adorable in the last 24 hours.

Ecosystem hit by multiple attacks

Attacks and hacking attempts, unfortunately, become a common currency in the cryptocurrency sector. If most of these attacks fail, some of them can still cause damage that could damage the project so much that it sinks.

As the sector is currently in the midst of a crisis, its key players are opting to focus on implementing growth strategies to cope with this challenging environment. There are many projects where security issues are ignored or relegated to the background. Therefore, it is not surprising that this neglect and neglect is exploited by people with evil intentions. manages to destabilize the whole environment.

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This is a problem that particularly affects Solana, because in fact it is. Second successful attack who managed to hack his blockchain. In fact, the platform was already the target of the first hack in February. The latter mainly target protocols related to decentralized financial services (DeFi) and digital wallets.

However, after a series of negotiations with the perpetrator, the platform was restored. amount 320 million dollars in total. However, the theft caused by this attack caused the price of the asset to drop by 11% in 24 hours.

Thus, in recent days, the Solana ecosystem has been further compromised by this second successful attack. Neighbor $ 8 million in SOL and USDC they are in nature. Attackers mainly target inactive platform wallets by exploiting the vulnerability through the Slope wallet.

Another attack

If such an attack can indicate that investor confidence is at its lowest point, it turns out that this is not the case in the long term, as the impact of the attack is not. it had no adverse effects plays on Solana.

Also, the platform token (SOL) is having its best days today because posted in the last 24 hours as a leader in the list of trending cryptocurrencies. During this time, he experienced a rather noticeable growth spurt, which allowed him to successfully dethrone LUNA, the token of the Terra platform, which now ranks fifth on the list.

True burglary resistance

The Solana platform hasn’t actually seen a steep drop in the price or popularity of its token from the hacking reports. Although, in fact, he lost nearly 8,000 cryptocurrency wallets containing over $ 8 million worth of digital assets. However, his The value has not changed significantly.

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Today, as of this writing, Solana’s SOL token is tradable. price $ 40.19, those. +2.97 in the last 24 hours. In addition, the project team also spoke about the recent attacks.

Its representatives say that numerous investigations are underway to determine the causes of the deficiencies and address them appropriately. Surveys that seem more than necessary today, where an even greater growth in the value of the SOL token is expected, according to the forecasts of some optimistic users of the CoinMarketCap platform.

After an investigation by developers, ecosystem teams and security reviewers, it emerged that the affected addresses were at some point created, imported or used in Slope mobile wallet applications. 1/2

– Solana State (@SolanaStatus) August 3, 2022

This indicates that SOL could potentially be trading at an average price. $ 250 at the end of August. Although this amount is significant as Solana only exceeded this amount once during its existence, especially when BTC was worth around $ 60,000.

Attacks on the cryptocurrency industry have increased in recent days, most recently on Nomad Bridge, which suffered heavy losses of $ 190 million. White hats help return part of the amount.

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