South Park The Streaming Wars Part 2 is basically just a Crypto Long Roast


Matt Damon, who directed this Fortune Favors The Brave commercial for, will go down in history as one of the best things that ever happened in South Park. (And the worst thing that has happened to many cryptocurrency investors: If you had invested $ 1,000 in Bitcoin when the ad first aired last October, you’d have about $ 325 today.) The show has evolved taking. around Krypto, Damon and this sentence. from. But with South Park The Streaming Wars Part 2, which has just been released on Paramount Plus, the shows are taking crypto jokes to a new level.

You don’t need to know the storyline of South Park The Streaming Wars Part 2 to enjoy the following videos. However, if you haven’t seen Damon’s announcement, you should. Indeed, here it is, it is worth repeating over and over again:

Anyway, back to South Park The Streaming Wars Part 2. The gist of the story is that there’s a massive drought in South Park that’s driving everyone crazy. (And turning them into Karen.) But then an unlikely water park savior comes up with a plan: What if we replace the water … with piss?

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And with that, we’re well on our way to one of the best crypto metaphors you’ll ever find, with some of the best moments helpfully compiled by @CryptoParadyme on Twitter. First, Damon himself reminds us that luck always smiles on the brave:

Fortune smiles on the brave in the rest of South Park The Streaming Wars Part 2. It’s a relatively even odds roast, with a particular focus on celebrities who have promoted NFT and Endless Plays, such as Gwyneth Paltrow:

And Larry David, who still doesn’t know what Krypto is but surely knows what Pee is:

And Naomi Osaka, FTX brand ambassador in real life:

And Reese Witherspoon, who sent out one of the weirdest crypto tweets ever, urging people to prepare for a world where everyone will have a parallel digital identity:

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There are, of course, a million other celebrities that South Park could have chosen, from Tom Brady (who, like LeBron James, makes a brief appearance) to Stephen Curry, Jimmy Fallon and Paris Hilton. By the way, most of them have gotten a lot calmer about the future of cryptocurrencies / NFTs as prices have fallen across the board. But unfortunately for them and luckily for us, South Park never forgets.

They are all inside. Is it the urine?

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