Tamadoge’s presale raised over $ 68,000.


Tamadoge presale is just over a month away and over $ 60,000 has already been raised. The crypto project that unites Memecoin, Play to Earn and Metaverse seems to find its audience and attract investors!

Game to earn retro version and more

Team Tamadoge is looking forward to a combination Retro aesthetics and Tamagotchi gameplay at the origin of this enormous success, with fun atmosphere related to other pet meme tokens. Tamadoge is the whole play the new ecosystem to earn launched on the Ethereum blockchain and is currently in an intermediate pre-sale phase. Yet, nearly $ 70,000 was raised in ETH.

When Tamagotchi were popular They suffered from being limited to a small device. : There was no way to get them to communicate with each other, and compared to what we have today, the games were unsatisfactory.

As part of the game Play to earn Tamaverse is a metaverse with a unique design. specially designed for the Tamadoge community. This will allow users around the world to communicate and meet virtually, a kind of Iban ! A similar approach to that used by industry pioneers such as Decentraland or The Sandbox.

Advertisements on upcoming exchanges!

Tamadoge signed an agreement with LBank, a major cryptocurrency exchange that recently announced the listing of other projects in the “play to gain” sector, such as Lucky Block and its LBLOCK token. Shortly after the presale ends Tamadoge is listed on the LBANK stock exchange. This will provide more liquidity and risk for the project as well as being in the pair from Uniswap’s liquidity pool. Additional way to attract investors especially personality.

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LBLOCK’s recent listing on LBANK has been very good profitable for the token price. As explained in the white paper, two billion tokens will be diluted, half of which will be sold during the initial community presale.

20% of the total offer is reserved provide liquidity (for both decentralized exchanges and their more popular centralized alternatives) and the remaining 30% will be activated gradually. for the team for 10 years to finance the development of the project.

In the second quarter of 2023, Tamadoge will become an NFT. will be revealed so that community members can take their first steps with their avatars Tamers. This isn’t Team Tamadoge’s only move in the metaverse. According to the roadmap, the rollout is expected to take place in the third quarter of 2023. Tamadogi in augmented reality.

Thank you dishplayers can bring their Tamadoge to life in their real environment. So the whole gaming experience blurs the line between experience and reality, making the user experience more attractive to the community. The idea seems to fit the definition of metaverse as closely as possible.

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So Tamadoge continues to grow and attracts more and more investors. The presale lasts almost a month and will show us if this success is not canceled. Many cryptocurrency projects are born every month and not all of them are successful. In fact, almost 20,000 crypto projects are listed on the reference platform CoinMarketCap. A number that can turn the heads of investors looking for interesting opportunities.

Tamadoge mixes both Store and play to earnwhich could allow it to stand out in a highly competitive environment.

At the end of the presale, you have the opportunity Get your TAMA tokens. To do this, everything is done from the platform’s website, simply by clicking on the “Claim” button. Here you will find useful information on purchasing a TAMA token.

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