Tether and Bitfinex launch the P2P app


Tether, Bitfinex and Hypercore join forces to deliver Keet, Video chat app Peer-to-peer and fully encrypted.

This is not the first partnership between these three companies as they have also worked together to create Holepunch. Web Application Development 3.

This platform, also announced today, was to be used for the development of Keet. first app developed on Holepunch.

In the name of freedom

Are you wondering what are the reasons behind this project led by these big players in the world of cryptocurrencies? According to Paolo Ardoino, director of Bitfinex, Tether and Holepunch, this can be summed up very simply in two words: free expression.

The latter believes that “individual sovereignty can only be acquired under the condition of freedom of expression”. That’s why he considers it extremely important to move forward, realizing decentralized communication application like Keith.

Actually, this app is for stand out from traditional media and centralized Web2 like Google Meet or Zoom thanks to its privacy.

On this occasion, Ardoino said:

Privacy is one of the most neglected human rights. Everyone should be able to tell their parents what they want without fear of being heard.

Here’s how you can call your loved ones with Keet without saving the data on each server. This guarantees you absolute privacy.

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Cryptocurrency integration

The founders of the project announced that Keith would have to accept it Payments in bitcoins, as well as payments through the Lightning Network. Also, users will be able to do itSend BTC Content creators.

So far, the only popular communication applications that support such features have been Twitter and Telegram.

Therefore, Keith tries to position himself alongside the latter two as one. app of your choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. But not only…

Ambitious projects and a desire for democratization

Greetings Keet, Bitfinex, Tether and Hypercore very high. As Matthias Buus, CEO of Holepunch said:

This app is for everyone.

As you will surely understand, Keet is not just for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it is designed to be as scalable as possible. reach the general public.

To achieve this, these three companies rely on quality of the application, both in terms of ergonomics and video quality. The latter should be “extraordinary”, in the words of the creators.

Speaking of holes, know that Tether, Bitfinex and Hypercore already have them. 10 million dollars invested to date, and the three companies added that tens of millions of dollars could be reinvested in the future.

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So a platform that isn’t currently open source (which is expected to change within a year) could have crucial in the future of web2 and web3.

In particular, this should help launch many promising applications like Keet in the future. As for its specs, we now know that it won’t be based on the blockchain, but on the Lightning network it will offer. faster transactions at lower costs. This can, for example, introduce new users to the world of cryptocurrencies in a simple and intuitive way.

Also, if the app is out of date only available on PC, this is because it is currently in alpha version. The mobile version will be released later this year, in November.

And while it is already possible test on your computer downloading it from the official website of the project. This way you can get an idea of ​​the vision of this application and see if it suits you in terms of ergonomics and quality!

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