The 5 best cryptocurrencies to buy during a cryptocurrency crash


Bitcoin’s value has been in free fall for several weeks, which has affected many other cryptocurrencies. It therefore becomes difficult to bet on cryptocurrencies if you don’t know which ones will explode. Here are the 5 best cryptocurrencies that would be a good idea during this time of crisis.

Fight against infinity

Some see it as a revolution in gaming, while others see it as a groundbreaking project in the field of cryptography. Battle Infinity with its IBAT token represents A project that combines gaming and blockchain. Innovate by making game winnings available in the real world.

This token was very well received by the community and managed to raise over 100,000 euros in the first 72 hours after launch. The presale continues on the official Battle Infinity website. You can buy them with BNB tokens with a maximum of 500 BNB per person.

Previously, this token could More than 3,000 BNB increasing in presale so the total is more 850,000 euros. The crypto community hopes IBAT will reach the symbolic milestone of one million euros in the coming days. If you would like to take part in the Battle Infinity adventure, please visit:

lucky block

Being on the same wavelength as the first token in this ranking, Lucky Block positions itself as the second most promising cryptocurrency. Lucky Block is not a decentralized gaming project, and by no means thrown into the abyss of depreciation.

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Lblock, the lucky block token, is recovering from a fall and is trading at $ 0.00079282, posting strong gains for the past two weeks.

Today, the value of Lblock reaches 0.00104161, that is Growth over 140% compared to the value of January 2022. The main platform for acquiring Lblock tokens is Lbank.

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Binance BNB

As a dedicated token of the Binance platform and based directly on the blockchain, BNB has been one of the best tokens for several months. Despite the loss in value in June, it recovered and reached the value of 249 euros.

This is a token with great potential as it offers a number of advantages over Binance Smart Chain. Also, just like with USDT, you can use BNB to buy other cryptocurrencies such as buying IBAT.

With over 160,000,000 BNBs in circulation and a market capitalization of over $ 40,000,000,000, this cryptocurrency remains one of the best on the market.

You can buy BNB on the official Binance website. Payment methods include:

  • credit cards
  • bank transfers
  • Business.


It is no longer imaginable and remains one of the most popular and successful cryptocurrencies after bitcoin. Although this token was hit by the cryptocurrency crisis, it remains one of the most competitive and has a value of € 1478.08.

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ssMarket capitalization greater than EUR 150,000,000,000 The price of Ethereum has risen sharply for ten days. This is the best time to buy Ethereum. If you missed the Bitcoin boom, don’t miss the Ethereum boom.

Last week in the Ethereum news

🐼 Successful Goerli-shadow-fork-5 union

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Featuring innovative architecture and high-performance technology, Cardano’s blockchain executes over 1,000,000 transactions per second. While its purchase cost remains relatively low, it is still a cryptocurrency that is likely to peak in value.

After several days in the red, the value of the Cardano token (ADA) stabilized in the green range at 0.48 euros. Its market capitalization of over EUR 15,000,000,000 is one of the arguments in favor.

While many lose faith in investing in cryptocurrencies, this is one of the best times to buy. However, not all cryptocurrencies are in a recovery trend. Therefore, to be the winner, you have to choose the cryptocurrency in which to invest.

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