The best Binance Smart Chain projects for 2022


in Binance’s cryptocurrency market experiences violent emulation for his young age than others. Projects flourish and bring their share of new products as soon as they are released. The creators are very active and I have to say that Binance Smart Chain offers entertainment !

If you are an investor, we recommend that you keep an eye on this market. If you are not watching this You may miss out on a great opportunity. !

We will help you stay up to date by advising you on the best cryptocurrency projects that are coming out right now.

1. Tamadoge that combines nostalgia and new technology

Obviously the game of tamadoge Reference to Tamagotchi a few decades ago it was in vogue all over the world. We combine retro aesthetics with new technologies. This is the perfect recipe for attracting players and piquing investors’ curiosity!

Tamadoge is a brand new project that has been talked about in recent days. Contains the well-known concept P2E (play to earn) with rewards.

Tamadoge keeps its finger on the wrist by offering you a decentralized platform with its own in-game currency.

tamadoge concept

Progress in Tamaverse and have the opportunity to fight other players! To do this, you need to create Tamadoge NFT.

Each win earns you Dogecoin, which they can subsequently exchanged for real money or game assets.

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TAMA Token, all you need to know

TAMA is the Tamaverse encryption you will play. This allows you to buy Avatar Doge NFT to play them in the game.

Doge avatars are small animals, like in the Tamagotchi game. They can be used for combat, but are also interchangeable between players.

TAMA technical details

TAMA has a limited supply of 2 million tokens. However, it has a feature that makes it deflationary. In-store purchases result in the loss of 5% of tokens as “commissions”.

30% of the TAMA tokens will be used for marketing purposes, so 65% of the TAMA tokens will remain available for the P2E game rewards system.

It has an effect dilute the token during the exchange. In short, the more exchanges there are on the platform, the more the token will be worth!

The TAMA presale will take place this month!

What the presale starts in July according to the developer’s roadmap. You can buy this cryptocurrency with your MetaMask or TrustWallet wallet.

If you don’t already have a wallet, find out more by signing up for our detailed guide.

The minimum investment amount is $ 10 plus a 5% commission. To buy some, click here to access the official presale page.

2. Battle Infinity is still on the run

You are probably familiar with this project if you follow FinanzasNews regularly. Battle Infinity continues to break all records and has already collected 1 million dollars in 2 weeks Alone.

Its principle is simple, you have to fight in fantasy sports games against other players in arenas. To do this, they use NFT cards from real players whose real game results affect their market value.

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Battle Infinity brings a very advanced Metaverse dimension with some bow safety.

You can still buy IBAT tokens

It sells like hot pie at the ridiculously low price of $ 0.0015 per IBAT token. Go to their presale page to buy something with a connected Binance Smart Chain wallet!

in The hard cap for this token is set at 16,500 BNB for just under 80 days. If you want to invest in this project, hurry up, because most likely there will be none left before the presale ends.

3. Lucky Block, the original crypto game project

Lucky Block is a time-tested cryptographic project. January 2022 “Early Investors” have already benefited from the return on investment of X4 and this trend continues.

It is built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain for complete decentralization. The platform aims to be a very secure online casino using cryptographic technology.

The game also includes NFTs which are an integral part of its ecosystem. You can win up to 10,000 NFTs, 25 of which are marked as “rare edition”. As mentioned these NFTs are likely to be traded at extraordinary amounts.

To invest in Lucky Block, go here. To learn more about cryptocurrency trends, take a look at our current cryptocurrency courses page.

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