The City of Miami announces the raising of 5,000 NFTs


Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez took the floor yesterday to announce his intention Start collecting NFTs until the end of the year. To do this, it has attracted famous partners who will carry out the project in optimal conditions.

Collection of about 5000 NFT

This collection of nearly 5000 NFTwill do justice to the city because, in the words of Keith Grossman, president of TIME:

The images will reflect the vast diversity that can be found in the city of Miami.

Furthermore, these NFTs are implemented exclusively by artists from the city of Miami. There will be a total of 56. A number not chosen at random, as it refers to its area of ​​56 square miles (equal to approximately 145 square kilometers).

Positive impact on the whole city

In addition to being positive for its owners, this NFT project is expected to have a much greater impact. Contribution to the entire city of Miami.

So the City of Miami press release on this was very blunt:

This fundraiser will raise money and provide an experience for our citizens and those who visit this city. Furthermore, we can also use this new initiative to support local artists and organizations.

One thing is certain: if this project is completed and the objectives have been achieved, then so be it. give ideas to many other cities World…

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Notable collaborations

At the very least, we can say that this project was definitely not taken lightly by the mayor of Miami. To realize this, he surrounded himself with his chosen partner: MasterCard, TIME and Salesforce.

Each of these initiatives will bring tangible benefits to this collection. Therefore, MasterCard will allow holders of these non-fungible tokens to do so. Live a unique and unforgettable experiencethanks to the valuable Miami program.

As for ZEIT, the company will come develop a strategy and share experiences in the world of NFT, as it has already established itself very well there, in particular with its collection called TIMEPieces, released in September 2021. Furthermore, the NFT project in Miami was the first to receive the support of TIME. They want to help other projects see the light of the web3 in the future and guide them in their strategy.

After all, Salesforce will take care of it. The mint process, as well as all the technical specifications tied to primary sales through its new NFT Cloud platform.

These balanced decisions allow the collection to provide: thoughtful launch and a true long-term strategy.

City of Miami, successor of web3

While this initiative may come as a surprise given that very few cities have embarked on a similar process, it is not really surprising to know. passive miami city on the web3.

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In August 2021 Suarez, in particular, launched MiamiCoin (MIA).a cryptocurrency stored in the City Wallet that can be traded like any other cryptocurrency.

While it is currently down sharply from its all-time high, it has generated significant gains: 2 million dollars in two months Alone.

Also, some of these MIAs are currently income rate, in bitcoin. The city also shared a desire to share some of these profits with its residents.

Furthermore, the current state of the NFT and cryptocurrency market (rather bearish) does not seem to discourage the mayor of the city in the slightest. This shines decided to continue this process.

In this regard he states:

We will continue to use these new technologies to support our existing businesses and attract new businesses.

In short, the city of Miami seems to have anticipated the times and realized the potential of NFTs and the web3 in general. These innovative initiatives bear witness to this Democratization and the obvious gain in adoption.

So which cities will be the next cities to bet on web3 this year? case follows !

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