The company says global cryptocurrency adoption will reach 80% of the population by 2050


In short, Blockware predicts global adoption of Bitcoin will exceed 10% in 2030. After that, growth could be parabolic, reaching 80% of the population by 2050.

What’s happening in Argentina

While many regulators want to discourage the use of cryptocurrencies, they are all the rage in Argentina. According to the latest Finder report, the country has moved up another place in the global ranking. Argentina overtook Mexico among the Latin American countries with the most use of digital currency, remaining in 13th place in a list of 27 countries.

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The data correspond to a report published in December 2021. The first place among the countries of Latin America was also occupied by Colombia, which was ranked third in the general ranking, rising from 7.7% to 14.5% of users of cryptocurrencies in the last quarter of last year.

It has only been overcome Norway Yes Russia, which increased by 3% and 2.9%. As for Argentina, it tied to Mexico as the nation with the highest percentage of cryptocurrency owners, registering a percentage of 15.2% among respondents and ranking 13th. Venezuela and Brazil complete the regional ranking in places 15, 16 and 17.

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