The institutional attitude towards Ethereum becomes positive


Last week, ETH investment products had an inflow of $ 120 million, the largest weekly inflow for the asset since June 2021.

Investors are once again optimistic about Ethereum

Institutional attitude towards the ether seems to have changed gearsand, according to CoinShares, digital investment products offering access to Ethereum have received inflows for four consecutive weeks. Previously, ETH investment products have been tested a long series of 11 weeks of cash outflows, As of mid-June, the total year-to-date outflow was $ 458 million.

Ether-based investment products recorded a total of $ 8.1 million in inflows between July 18-22, according to data from the latest edition of CoinShares’ weekly report on digital asset fund flows, in addition to the week earlier when significantly higher inflows of US $ 120 million were recorded.

The $ 120 million figure marks the largest weekly influx of ETH products since June 2021, according to CoinShares. “Investor confidence is slowly recovering” as the long-awaited Ethereum merger approaches.

Currently, the annual flow of ETH investment products is Releases reduced to $ 315 millioncompared to $ 458 million in June.

Still positive on bitcoin

CoinShares data also shows that investment products providing exposure to bitcoin had their highest inflow last week of $ 19 million, on top of the previous week when BTC funds generated records of significant value. for an amount of 206 million dollars.

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While institutional investors have been wary of ETH for most of 2022, this is noteworthy. The view on BTC remained relatively positive mainly – barring some obstacles – with the generation of BTC products $ 241.3 million in admission tickets since the beginning of this year.

A report from Singapore-based asset manager IDEG says that the general mood of cryptocurrency investors is now starting to improve. Change from neutral to bullishand expects the Ethereum merger to be a key driver for the market recovery.

Although there have been slight delays and setbacks in Ethereum’s transition from PoW to PoS, the merger is now scheduled to take place on September 22, giving the market a positive bullish catalyst to use in the report.

in unite it should be alone the most important benchmark for Ethereumbecause it will improve greatly grid stability and energy efficiency. This is a great update However, it is not possible to reduce gas costs, and Layer 2, according to some market watchers like MacKenzie Sigalos, are expected to acquire this functionality for the network in the near future.

* A few brief explanations: -L2, not a merger, will help lower gas prices. – Merge is a consensus modification mechanism, not an expansion of network bandwidth.

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– Mackenzie Sigalos (@KenzieSigalos) July 25, 2022

in unite decidedly the most controlled cryptographic event of the year and risks that have a significant impact at the end of the year. Currently, Ethereum continues to test the transition to Proof of Stake on its various testnets. Everything is going as planned, so the entire cryptocurrency market is optimistic about Ethereum before the end of the year.

This more positive sentiment has spread since the market rally a few days ago. Another indicator showing a return of confidence is the Fear and Greed Index, which is currently 26th place in the Anxiety category while it dropped to 7 at the height of the market crisis. We were 14 last monthrepresenting extreme fear.


Time will tell if we will see a resumption of the uptrend or just a rebound before falling again. However, there is some optimism in the market again, albeit moderate.

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