The platform is now regulated by CySEC.

Puntuación: follows in FTX’s footsteps by continuing Expansion throughout Europe. This time around, getting Cyprus permission to be properly regulated in their country through their CySEC organization.

conquer Europe

The exchange platform allows its users to buy and sell over 250 cryptocurrencies. She also offers Services such as Visa cards that can be used with cryptocurrencies or even with Google Pay.

At the same time, continues its intention to conquer Europe with its platform, as many other exchanges are already doing. The goal is to acquire individual agency contract Regulation of cryptographic organizations in the respective countries.

So this time she and her organization are on the side of Cyprus. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) that has just received an agreement to operate in its territory as a cryptocurrency exchange platform. This allows them to offer different products and services to their customers while remaining in compliance with local laws.

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Originally from Singapore, the company continues its efforts to secure agreements to operate in many European countries. In Cyprus, a few months ago, Italy or Greece which have received regulatory approval.

According to CEO Chris Marszalek, the platform continues to prioritize expansion into the European region. proof of their willingness to do so completely and permanently installed in this region, trying to respect the rules of each country as much as possible.

Europe attracts cryptocurrency exchanges is not the only platform to receive Cyprus approved. As well as their main competitor FTX, which has been looking to continue its expansion in Europe since it gained approval in Cyprus in March 2022.

Despite bear market, Many platforms have decided to continue the conquest of Europe. They see a huge market with a lot of opportunities because there are customers with different profiles.

Although Cyprus has just licensed, many other platforms want this country to allow them to operate on their own territory. The Cypriot government has not provided much information on this. Cryptocurrency Regulation these last few years.

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It turns out that several local financial institutions, including the Bank of Cyprus, blocked Bitcoin transactions in 2021. In September of the same year, CySEC announced plans to strengthen supervision of the cryptocurrency by integrating it. Anti-money laundering legislation European Union in its own right.

Many platforms continue to expand across Europe. Coinbase recently received approval from Italian regulators they operate on their own land and also want to completely conquer the old continent.

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