The possibility of using cryptocurrencies in the future is growing in companies


When asked about knowledge of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, 32% indicated their knowledge was basic, while 47% said they knew little or very little. Only 11% say they know a lot about these resources. Another important aspect to highlight is that 96% of those who invest in digital assets do so in cryptocurrencies and 35% also invest in NFTS and tokens.

  • When asked about the purpose of digital assets, 74.7% of respondents said they use them as an investment, and 26.5% said they do. From distrust of the coin cops. In this group, 28% say they also use it as a means of payment.
  • 53% of respondents said they do not invest in digital assets, mostly (64%) out of ignorance, while 27% said they do not invest out of distrust and only 16% due to lack of capital.
  • Regarding respondents’ expectations regarding the future use of digital assets and cryptocurrencies in their SMEs or businesses, 76% of respondents said they are very likely or likely to start using them. While only 8% said it was very unlikely.
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When asked why cryptocurrencies should be used in an SME or entrepreneurship, the majority answered To be a new commonly used means of payment in the future, As an investment and / or store of value and / or trust in their security and decentralization.

When asked about the main complication in your SME of being able to adopt cryptocurrencies, the majority replied: difficulties in adapting customers and suppliers, as well as lack of knowledge on the subject. This data may be related to the fact that 79% of respondents said they knew the basics of this type of system or not. It was also said that there would be no complications with its incorporation.

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