Tiffany announces its first NFT series


Tiffany & Co. has announced plans to release their NFT collection in a sale that will include 250 limited edition NFTs priced at 30 ETH or € 49,004.33 at the time of writing, Monday, August 1st.

The NFT sector is benefiting from the establishment of large luxury goods companies.

Recall that Tiffany & Co. is an American jewelry and watch company founded in New York in 1837 and has been one of the largest luxury goods brands for over a century. The latter has and counts 206 branches all over the world. Acquired in January 2021 by the world leader in luxury: the French group LVMH.

The jeweler made some suggestions for a future sale to get started Friday 5th August via his Twitter account, where he posted a short pixel grid video revealing the acronym NFTiff.

Additionally, a photo of Cosimo de Medici, a well-known retailer specializing in the purchase and resale of NFTs, indicates that the sale will include a range of pendants in both physical and digital form. They are made especially for the owners of NFT Cryptopunks Collection.

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The website linked to this tweet claims that the initial offer will be limited to 250 coins. NFTiffs will be Tiffany & Co.’s first NFT product after months of flirting with Web3 technologies. Last March, the company entered the NFT industry after purchasing its first digital asset, Okapi NFT, created by artist Tom Sachs. Tiffany & Co. said they bought this NFT for $ 380,000. the latter, moreover, is now used as the profile image of the company’s Twitter account.

The following month saw the launch of TiffCoins, a limited edition gold coin that started on April 1 with 499 hand-engraved coins. Tiffany & Co. comments on its site:

“No, we’re not launching our own cryptocurrency, but these limited edition 18k gold coins are a modern interpretation of our Tiffany money and a celebration of our history.”

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In April, Tiffany & Co. also designed a pendant for Alexandre Arno, the company’s executive vice president of products and communications, depicting its CryptoPunk # 3167.

It can therefore be imagined that the future followers of the NFTiffs collection will be the same as Alexander Arno, or real works of art, where each pixel is made of precious metal such as red gold, or studded with a precious stone such as sapphire and ruby.

The NFTiffs page also mentions a partnership with Chain, a blockchain technology company founded in 2014. It was funded by several big names like Capital One, Visa or Nasdaq.

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