Tips for investing in cryptocurrencies and fighting inflation


Various countries and regions, including the United States, Europe, Asia, and the UAE, have begun to experience high levels of inflation it was last recorded in the 1990s.

As we know, inflation creates a strong loss of economic capacity in the purchasing power of consumers. In this sense, when the consumer goes to the supermarket to buy goods, over time the consumer can see his price increase.

Argentina was named as one of the countries with the highest inflation in Latin America and in the world.

The average Argentine consumer is used to seeing inflation as something natural, the increase in the prices of goods and services is normal.

With this in mind, the average Argentine has focused on finding various alternatives to beat inflation.

The crypto ecosystem offers the average user several ways to fight inflation:

  • Play to win games
  • investments in cryptocurrencies
  • launch pad

In this article we explain these different opportunities and how you can participate in them.

Play to win games

Play To Earn games gained greater recognition and relevance in the Argentine market in 2021.

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Play-to-ear games usually give the player a chance to win a token or cryptocurrencies due to different challenges and degrees of complexity.

The most famous games for winning video games are Axi Infinity, StepN and Sweet Coin, among others. Video games are one of the best ways to generate cryptocurrency revenue.

techniques of investment

The most traditional way to make money from the cryptocurrency market is to invest directly in the market using various investment techniques such as:

  • Trading: This practice consists of selling and buying cryptocurrencies on the market based on their value.
  • Staking: The practice of staking involves blocking a number of X cryptocurrencies and receiving a monthly return in exchange for providing liquidity on the exchange.
  • Hold: This practice involves buying a cryptocurrency and holding it in shares until the value shows a noticeable increase and you can resell it.

launch pad

Launchpad is a new form of investment for common investors and users who, depending on the project, can invest and buy tokens representing X domains within the project.

The Launchpad has begun to position itself as one of the new ways to earn good income from cryptocurrency investments.

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Where to practice these techniques?

There are various exchanges within the cryptocurrency market that would give the user the opportunity to practice the 3 investment techniques seen.

Paxful is one of the most popular exchanges on the market, it has the ability for users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in its P2P using almost all payment methods with fiat currency, cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency such as Simplex.

Phemex is one of the largest international exchanges and offers users various investment opportunities.

Within Phemex, the user can access various game tokens such as StepN, can also participate in various projects within its launch pad and buy and sell more than 250 cryptocurrencies.

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