Token V2 available on LBank!


Cryptocurrency exchange platform Lbank supports token migration from lucky block for its second release on July 25th.

Find the LBLOCK / USDT pair on LBank by following this link. Cryptocurrency assets are highly volatile and unregulated investment products. Your capital is at risk.

Lucky Block V2: what do you need to know?

The Lucky Block token is divided into two versions: V1 and V2. How do they work:

  • V1 is a BEP-20 decentralized exchange (DEX) token.
  • V2 is an ERC-20 token for centralized exchanges (CEX).

Version 2 was implemented in June 2022. no transaction fees and no jackpot mining pool rewards. Recall that a mining pool is a space where miners can work together to mine blocks of cryptocurrency.

Both V1 and V2 are indicated by the same ticker symbol LBLOCK. and the price parity between these two versions is maintained by the Ethereum bridge with the Mint / Burn mechanism. The term “bridge” refers to an application that offers users the ability to transfer funds from one blockchain to another. Find all the information on the Lucky Block blog.

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Version 2 of the Ethereum-based token will make it easier for Lucky Block to be listed on centralized exchanges. Keep in mind that a list is the fact that a project makes its tokens available for trading on a particular platform. This allows the project to reach a wider audience and increase its liquidity. maintaining the original reward schemes and tokenomics for long-term investors, that is, the way to manage the creation of tokens for the proper functioning of the project.

Will there be more quotes?

Yet Lucky Block is only listed on a DEX, PancakeSwap and a CEX, LBank. which will support V2 tokens from July 25th.

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Additional CEX listings will also be announced in July, which could lead to this. increase in the price of the LBLOCK token. Only one has been confirmed so far, so be sure to keep an eye on Telegram Lucky Block to be prepared when these announcements arrive.

Lucky Block is currently on the rise due to Bitcoin’s recent rise topped $ 21,500, priced at around $ 0.001. Small-cap cryptocurrencies are expected to do well in the coming weeks, as is Bitcoin’s recovery.

Cryptocurrencies are a risky investment.

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