Top 3 Cryptocurrencies Growing Today – 08/01/2022


August looks like a good time to invest in cryptocurrencies. New projects on the rise And there are the investors.

Despite the big correction that the cryptocurrency world has undergone recently, some sectors are still doing very well or even exploding. However, it is mandatory Look at the market with a wise eye and not succumb to false trends without a real basis.

In this article, we will help you find good deals for 2022. We give you all the objective elements that will allow you to do so. invest your money wisely.

1. lucky block

Lucky Block prevents the market from falling with an impressive 53% increase in the past 24 hours. The token is currently priced at just $ 0.0033 with a trading volume of over $ 700,000.

The principle of the game is simple, which offers a place for decentralized betting and winning bonuses. Just like in a casino, you can win money by playing lotteries.

Lucky Block benefits from the latest technical improvements

We can say that there is a movement in the markets regarding this cryptocurrency, and in a positive direction! Since January, Lucky Block has proven to be a reliable investment project. Recent developments strengthen its position as the best cryptocurrency. invest today.

We are talking about his new V2 version, which will allow him to increase his reputation a little more. Investors now they have to buy LBLOCK if they want to invest in the NFT project.

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With this very attractive system Demand must continue to grow and Lucky Block could reach new heights. The purchase price of these NFTs is ridiculous, which strongly encourages investors to invest some of their capital in this deal!


Cryptocurrencies are a risky investment.

How to invest in Lucky Block NFT?

Making your first investment in LBLOCK is very simple:

  • Do you have a wallet? : You must have a wallet like MetaMask compatible with Lucky Block. Lucky Block NFTs connect directly to the MetaMask wallet.
  • Cash deposit : Deposit the amount you want to invest in your portfolio by clicking the “Buy” button on the website. Please note that 1 NFT costs approximately $ 1,500.
  • Go to Lucky Block Launchpad : go to the site and connect your MetaMask wallet.
  • Buy Lucky Block NFT : All you need to do is purchase one or more Lucky Block NFTs!

Waves (WAVE)

According to the CoinMarketCap website, the Waves token is breaking records, having risen 2.3% in the past 24 hours. It currently trades around $ 6 per token.

The exchange rate jumped 89%. WAVES is now worth nearly $ 700 million.. This is $ 50 million more than the entire market capitalization.

WAVES, gaining perspective

WAVES were created for help developers build decentralized and intuitive applications. The project is ambitious and even wants to compete with Ethereum’s well-known smart contract network, which is still a little behind in some respects.

in the last 30 days, WAVES records a very fair increase of 15%.. On July 27, the number of games like Wave Ducks increased significantly. For investors, this could be a sign of new players in WAVES, which will encourage developers to create even more applications!

Investing in Waves is easy

The WAVES token is directly connected to the Binance Smart Chain. Just connect your MetaMask account and buy directly.

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Visit the website to purchase them. Click “Buy Cryptocurrency” and find the WAVES token. You can then buy them based on the deposit you made to your wallet.

ApeCoin (APE)

ApeCoin is a community project that introduced NFT to the general public. the latter has recorded a growth of 2% in the last 24 hours. According to CoinMarketCap, its token sells for around $ 7. The token’s 30-day performance is impressive. Its value will increase by 54% over this period.

News in the air with ApeCoin (APE)

There are two new additions to the menu that will benefit from the APE Token. The project development team has published a “light document” that clarifies the progress of the project for the future.

Finally, the management proposal of the AIP 70 was approved. What releases significant funds of $ 150,000 for creating an ApeCoin news site, which will be called the “Bored Ape Gazette”.

How to buy an APE token?

To buy APE tokens, you can do this through popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Among these platforms, or offer you a quick and easy service. All you need to do is create an account and search for the APE token in the search bar.

To learn more about buying cryptocurrencies, visit our details page.

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