US Senate candidate says Bitcoin can stop inflation


US Senate candidate Brian Solstin recently hinted that Bitcoin (BTC) could help stop inflation. It must be said that Brian is a supporter of BTC. He previously stated that he would make this cryptocurrency legal in the United States.

Brian Solstin is an absolute supporter of Bitcoin (BTC).

On July 23, the Bitcoin Magazine account published a Twitter post in which Brian Solstin, aerospace engineer, developer and US Senate candidate, said that with the help of Bitcoin (BTC) inflation can be deleted. Recall that the same candidate announced in April that he had managed to make BTC a legal currency throughout the United States.

Essentially, for Brian, the bearish trend in the cryptocurrency market will disappear. At this stage, bitcoin technology will win. Also, Brian Solstin said: “I don’t think bitcoin is bad for the US or the US dollar.” What really hurts the US dollar is that the Fed is printing trillions of dollars. He explained that the internet has brought faster communication to the world and now bitcoin is doing the same with value.

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Brian Solstin, however, admitted it was him. more difficult to make BTC the official currency in the United States like Salvador. Keep in mind that the latter is the first country in the world to make Bitcoin (BTC) a legal cryptocurrency. New countries are said to be actively preparing to accept bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender.

You should know that many American politicians defend Bitcoin (BTC) in one way or another and Brian Solstin is one of them. The latter said in April that as a senator he will have a huge impact on creating legislation that could ensure full adoption of BTC in the United States.

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