Usain Bolt, Step App Ambassador


Track and field legend Usain Bolt becomes a movement ambassador for the Step app. An important announcement that will move this direct competitor of Step’n forward?

The Step app is a beginner in the business of making money

The phenomenon is difficult to miss move to earn in 2022. Successfully Step’n, Many contestants went on an adventure. Step App is a game that allows you to do this Earn cryptocurrencies through physical activity. If you walk or run You earn tokens your every effort.

So the company goes on strike enlisting the services of the Jamaican record holder in the 100 meters. Talk about his ambitions:

We help millions of users around the world to collaborate with other premium partner brands and government organizations that share the Step App vision.

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The Step app is not currently available. In fact, the project is still in its infancy and no release date has yet been announced.

⚡️ @usainbolt app x @StepApp_ The fastest person becomes the face of the Step app ** @every

The Step app aims to attract # RoadTo10Million users. Usain Bolt is now the official face of this mission!

– Step App 👟 FR 🇫🇷 (@StepAppFr) July 21, 2022

Usain Bolt, a fervent champion of new technologies

Usain Bolt is a fan of new technologies as this new partnership demonstrates. Talk about moving to earn money:

Sport has been and remains an important part of my life. When I found out what the Step App team was building, I wanted to be part of this global movement, which I consider incredibly important. […] I want to inspire as many people as possible.

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This message could revive interest in the project but also for the “move-earn” sector. who knows the difficult weeks. According to falling marketvarious projects and related tokens he fell abruptly.

To learn more about Step’n, the Step App-like App and the Ponzi Scheme allegations, check out our article here.

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