What is the crypto dollar and how much is it worth?


Looking for alternatives to get dollars without buying the official dollar through the Free market and the only change, following the restrictions, is the increase in the possibility of doing so through cryptocurrencies. The price of cryptocurrencyin weight or inside year of exchangeis set by to offer Yes financially support.

With that in mind, the price is the cryptocurrency is a value between blue dollar and the scheduled liquidation. But don’t be Direct purchase from dollarbut the functioning of a dollarized asset is not limited.

is approx bring them that, standing right on the edge of what the trade rulesallow its users to work with cryptocurrencies much with dollar as in ballast.

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The crypto dollar can be traded on some local portals or at establishments in the country. Bitex, Buenbit, Qubit, Satoshi Tango and Decrypto are among the most popular.

How much does cryptocurrency trading cost?

After the departure of the Minister of Economy Martin Guzmanthe cryptocurrency, distinctive Very volatile which follows the value of U.S. dollarsIt jumped to 280 pesos.

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After the average between Exchange local cryptocurrencies, also known as dollars Bitcoin increased by more than 15%.

With the announcement of the Silvin Batakis As the Minister of Commerce, the crypto dollar rose to $ 300 on major exchanges.

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in any case, the cryptocurrency listed in the previous opening markets around $ 289 according to Coinmonitor. The biggest differences in quotes can be found on two platforms such as gravel where it reaches $ 294 and Let’s Bit around $ 296. After the resignation of Martin Guzmanthe price was between 260 and 300 dollars.


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