Why can these 3 cryptocurrencies reach $ 1 before the end of the year? –


The cryptocurrency industry has passed restless months since the beginning of this year. The current trend continues to indicate that the market is dominated by bears, despite a slight improvement in recent weeks.

While not all factors are optimal, this does not interfere some cryptocurrencies to shine so much so that by the end of the year they could reach $ 1 simply because these projects have made great strides in their development and the community is pushing them to the top.

successful block extractions

The first cryptocurrency that could break $ 1 before the end of the year is none other than Lucky Block. This asset allows its investors participate in the draws every Friday from the end of May for a chance to win more tokens or NFTs. Likewise, each LBLOCK holder will receive a reward in addition to any staking.

This is a cryptocurrency that originally ran on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain with the LBLOCK V1 token, but the new version BLOCK V2 is now on the Ethereum blockchain.

This change is notable as it previously prevented day traders from exploiting the trading potential of this cryptocurrency mainly due to the 12% transaction fee, just like Lucky Block, which is mainly offered on DeFi platforms. With LBLOCK V2, resellers no longer have this problem and now they can fully exchange an asset as you like.

Also, the ability to trade this token now makes it available. on centralized exchanges, which helps to increase the trading volume and potentially raise the price.

Lucky Block was recently available on LBank and will also be available on MEXC starting August 1st. The cryptocurrency doesn’t stop there with its growth goal. Not only will the NFT giveaway platform win numerous awards for seeing the light of day soon, but Lucky Block is also working on it. available on many centralized exchanges.

current price

After these recent events, the trading volume of this cryptocurrency has increased by approximately 50% in 24 hours and the value of the assets has increased by 10%. Its current price is $ 0.00103. There is a high probability that the price will continue to rise in the coming days and weeks.

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On the one hand, with the opening of their new platform, and even though Lucky Block is available on other major centralized exchange platforms, Increase your trading volume and thus positively affect the price of this cryptocurrency.

As a first step, Lucky Block has to get to his Resistance at $ 0.0023. and maintain this level or, better yet, exceed it. Once this resistance is reached, and based on Lucky Block’s trading performance, it could explode over the next few weeks and months to reach at least $ 1 before the end of the year..

Cryptocurrencies are a risky investment.

Polygon, Ethereum killer

It’s hard not to notice Polygon (MATIC) as it has been very popular over the past few months. make news often after new products or partnerships with Disney, for example.

We remind you: MATIC is second layer of ethereum which aims to compete with the ETH blockchain by offering better scalability, much faster transactions and all at a lower cost.

With the recent development of zkEVM algorithm This should provide better Ethereum scalability, allowing Ethereum blockchain projects and users to migrate to Polygon without the slightest change, as zkEVM offers the ability to do exactly whatever is done on the ETH blockchain, but better.

As a bonus, Polygon has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent months, especially with integration Disney Acceleration Program which aims to help innovative start-ups in the world of new technologies. This is an important ally for future growth, as well as free visibility that allows you to get to know the project better.

Additionally, a merger update for the Ethereum blockchain is expected soon. could affect in particular the price of the landfill after the consequences and the result after implementation.

The price is close to $ 1

It’s not hard to say that MATIC will hit $ 1 by the end of the year, simply because it’s already approaching that point. Actually the current price $ 0.9545 and Polygon nearly doubled its price in a month.

In early July he fluctuated around $ 0.5 and after these various announcements, investors saw a positive and significant increase in the project, reflecting the current price. Of course, MATIC can go much further, as its potential looks very good on paper.

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Just look at how popular Ethereum is and what its current price is to imagine a MATIC-like future. After all, if the project is an improved and more efficient version of Ethereum that delivers on all its promises, why can’t the price be higher? One thing is certain 1 dollar in cash it will be overtaken well before the end of the year, as well as in the coming weeks, even in the coming days.


Cryptocurrencies are a risky investment.

Battle Infinity, P2E of the year

Battle Infinity is a novelty in this sense. its presale in progress (approximately 70 days remain). Against all odds, the project is already successful, with over 5,000 BNB invested in two weeks.

It’s a game Play to earn in the Metaverse A type of fantasy league that allows players to create their own team to compete with anyone around the world. All in the form of NFT, be it heroes, equipment to upgrade them, hence the ability to earn tokens during the game.

The community is very enthusiastic about this project developed under Unreal Engine the Indian team. Many believe that last year’s real hit was the Axie Infinity replacement.

Battle Infinity (IBAT) has a solid track record. We should be patient and stay tuned for developments in the coming weeks, but with so much excitement early in the game, it could definitely hit $ 1 by the end of the year. Especially compared to the Axie Infinity, the price surpassed $ 150 last year.


Cryptocurrencies are a risky investment.

Despite the fairly obvious bear market, even if it was tends to fade easily in recent weeks, this does not mean that no projects can be launched. There are always possibilities, regardless of the overall situation. Of course, you should be more careful in this context and carefully analyze the situation.

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