Why is LBLOCK V2 good news?


Lucky Block continues its fun life and is now available on LBank exchange platform from this Wednesday 27 July. As a result, the news was well received and led to a rise in the price of the Lucky Block ERC20 token.

New for Lucky Block

Lucky Block just got it new version V2 which runs on the Ethereum blockchain and becomes an ERC20 token, unlike Lucky Block V1, which is a BEP20 token that uses the Binance BSC (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain.

LBLOCK V1 is mainly traded on DeFi platforms. 12% transaction fee. This mechanism was created to prevent the sale of LBLOCK tokens, as well as fund a pool that rewards winners. However, the disadvantage of this method is that it does not encourage traders to speculate and hence the amount of liquidity is low.

Thanks to LBLOCK V2 on the Ethereum blockchain, Liquidity of the LBLOCK / USDT pair it rises sharply, allowing traders to speculate on buying and selling. On the other hand, LBLOCK V2 holders will not receive token-holding rewards like LBLOCK V1 holders.

The bridge will be available in the coming weeks facilitate the transfer from one version of LBLOCK to another. The bridge is currently being tested, particularly in terms of security, so that users can make risk-free transfers in the future.

Increased the visibility of the lucky block

Available from today on LBank, as Lucky Block now has an optimized V2 for traders, it will obviously become more interesting to make it available. centralized exchanges.

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Additionally, Lucky Block will join the ranks of many cryptocurrencies from August 1st, becoming available. at the MEX. It is an exchange that ranks 23rd in the world in terms of trading volume with an average volume of $ 700 million per day.

4 days before MEXC Global Exchange offers V2 $ LBLOCK tokens! ⏰

Historically, #CEX listings have generally come with a price hike – are you ready to take off? 🚀🚀🚀 # crypto #cryptocurrency #listing #blockchain pic.twitter.com/w1Y1op8hhH

– Lucky Block (@luckyblockcoin) July 28, 2022

Lucky Block doesn’t want to stop there and seems to want to be accessible a large number of exchange sites very early. This is likely to raise the price very cheaply in the coming days and weeks.

New platform

In addition to the development of the token, the Lucky Block team is also working the strategic side of your cryptocurrency wishing to offer several ways to make it useful and interesting in the eyes of investors.

Here’s how Product Manager Terence Ribado will present his products starting tomorrow. new platform for NFT competitions. Launched in beta last week, a presentation video will be released around 2pm (GMT +1).

This platform will allow participate in competitions where you need to buy at least one NFT, there’s some kind of mining of cars, houses, travel, plus a million dollars in bitcoin, according to the Lucky Block website.

So with Lucky Block you have many chances to win and for those not so lucky, you will still receive a portion of the funds through a liquidity pool made up of NFT transaction fees from this new platform.

Lucky Block Price and Future Analysis

Following this news, Lucky Block’s trading volume has increased approximately 50% (to $ 183,567) in the past 24 hours. Likewise, the price has increased 10% in 24 hours (at the time of writing, an LBLOCK token is worth $ 0.001034). For the past two weeks, LBLOCK has seen it Increase in value of 32%.

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From now on, the weekly lottery is fully functional every Friday. In addition, the voting and rewards system for clubs is now in place. Moreover, more news to come and gradually return to normal.

The bulls are expecting this cryptocurrency to rise in price, but for that it has to reach it first Resistance at $ 0.0023. When he crosses this course, he can make a good profit with LBLOCK. Of course, external factors need to be taken into account, including the general state of the cryptocurrency market.

Even if the market is not in the best shape, there is a small general recovery. It also turns out that Lucky Block could break through in the coming days and weeks, especially as it will soon be available on MCEX and possibly other exchanges, helping to increase trading volume.

Lucky Block could be one of the best cryptocurrencies of 2022 along with Polygon or IBAT, which also have them. Great potential. Lucky Block’s selling point is that it’s interesting but not a game like many of the P2Es that are emerging.

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