Will the use of bitcoin be a constitutional right in Texas?


Since last year, Texas in the US has become a place where Bitcoin (citing BTC) and other cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum through mining. Now he wants to introduce civil laws to protect Texans who own, own and use any medium of exchange, including digital currencies.

The Texas Republican Party platform has published a 49-page proposal outlining a series of amendments and solutions to the fledgling US state’s Charter of Rights. It requires the protection of those who use these means of communication for payment or security purposes.

We support the addition of the following protections to the Texas Charter of Rights: The right of individuals to own, own and use any agreed medium of exchange, including cash, coins, bars and digital currency, in trading and purchasing goods and services must not be harmed – Texas Republican Party Platform, USA.

if permitted, no government of this country could prohibit or tax “the possession or possession of money or other currency in any form or amount”. They explain that the change would not prevent the state of Texas from “choosing the medium of exchange to accept or decline payments made to it.”

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Last year, the Republican Party, one of the two most militant in the United States, needed “express protections” to safeguard the Texans’ “natural right” to “own, trade, and preserve their wealth in ways of exchange such as bitcoin. and other cryptocurrencies This is covered by the Texas Charter of Rights.

According to politicians, “this will help prevent global institutions and the federal government from forcing Texans to use any said financial and monetary services.”

Bitcoin could be recognized as a currency in Texas

The Republican committee’s proposal follows a proposal made in recent months by Rep Tan Parker, who presented a bill to the House Representative that would recognize BTC and all other cryptocurrencies as money in Texas trade regulations.

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Although it has not yet entered into force, the law is expected to pass on September 1 this year, which would make Texas the second U.S. state to regulate the use of bitcoin.

Indeed, if Parker’s proposal and law are adopted, Texas could become the region of the United States most sensitive to the new economy. In fact, in addition to being able to use BTC with the protection of the country, it is one of the regions of the country where mining is more concentrated, as we said at the beginning.

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