5 reasons why Tamadogge is better than Shiba Inu


There are several ecosystems in the cryptocurrency market, including meme coins. A rather specific subsector, which, however, remains one of the most effective. Indeed, despite this angular ecosystem originally created for humor, they are surprisingly popular.

This place also appeared very quickly. exceed the $ 10 billion mark in terms of market value. The success is largely due to the rise in popularity of the first coin meme: Dogecoin. Along with this cryptocurrency, we also find Shiba Inu launched in 2020 as a Dogecoin killer.

The Shiba Inu ecosystem is turning into an NFT game with ShibaSwap or even Shiboshi. More recently, a new crypto currency called Tamadoge has appeared. This surprised the industry as it caught on very quickly. So, here are some reasons why it could be Tamadoge. the next largest cryptocurrency from the same angles.

1. Tokenomics

To determine the future value of an asset, it is necessary to know the number of tokens in circulation. So, in the case of the Shiba Inu, we can say that they are alone 590 trillion tokens There are currently 1 trillion in circulation.

This is a situation that doesn’t actually benefit the coin itself as those numbers are where their token is. inflationary nature. In fact, having so many assets on the market means that investors cannot make huge profits without owning a significant number of tokens.

On the other hand, Tamadoge is a deflationary cryptocurrency. This meme coin already had an upper limit of 2 billion tokens when it was created. It also has a fire extinguishing system that takes care of this. about 5% are active from every purchase made in the Tamadoge shop. This allows you to reduce the number of tokens in circulation and thus increase the price.

Furthermore, around 30% of the tokens issued are used to support marketing and development campaigns. The remaining 65% will be added to the prize pool. Furthermore, among all the tokens, 30% of their total number will be gradually unlocked. next decade for the financing and further development of the project.

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2. Tamers

The Metaverse is a concept that is starting to become popular right now. Released recently by an initiative from several tech companies, it’s intimate. related to the cryptocurrency space.

Indeed, the expansion and development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has accelerated. the rise of virtual reality. The latter is a technology that has been considered a distant concept in the last decade.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Tamadoge project uses the concept of the metaverse. Therefore, the project plans to create a space in the Metaverse called Tamaverse where all Tamadoge NFT owners can interact with each other. Just like any user on Tamaverse will be able to accept their own digital animals. (based on Tamagotchi) to get in touch with other people.

Tamaverse is an initiative that wants to offer something to its members. virtual cocoon where their upcoming Tamadoge NFTs can be integrated into existing Metaverse environments.

3. Mobile functionality

In addition to creating a space connected to the Metaverse, the Tamadoge project team also plans to launch a separate mobile application. Introduced under the name of Tamadoge Augmented Reality (AR), it aims to do just that. facilitate user interaction with their Tamadoge digital pets.

The mobile experience offered by the app also allows users to purchase, feed, heal and fight other Tamadoge NFTs. Furthermore, it not only serves as a platform for communication and interaction between owners and their pets, but also offers social features and rewards to its users. This will allow him Enjoy the full social experience.

4. Game

On Tamadoga battle arena in the style of Axie Infinity. Users can represent their digital pets there and compete against each other to earn experience points.

A leaderboard is created each week with a list of the best fighters. Therefore, whoever earns the most points will be the first Doge of the Tamadoge ranking. In addition to this honor, the winner will also receive prizes Pool Play to Earn (P2E) weeks.

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5. Anti-slip system

One of the problems associated with the cryptocurrency industry is the number of scammers who keep appearing in the form of projects. (hence the English name rugpull). These are mostly suspicious projects, the founders of which are very often anonymous and steal users’ funds at the end of the presale, leaving no trace overnight.

So ideally you should do research on reliable platforms like CoinSniper. All the real projects and the best cryptocurrency presales usually take place on this type of platform.

Tamadoge is one of the projects complete the verification process offers CoinSniper. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency has also tested its smart contracts on the Solid Proof platform to prove that it can withstand any hacking attempt.


Since its launch, the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency has taken the cryptocurrency world by storm. She actually got up increased by 21,000% in less than two weeks, and according to experts, Tamadoge is expected to achieve even more phenomenal performance by the end of presale.

If you want to get TAMA tokens, you can go to the official cryptocurrency website and click on the purchase icon. The site will then ask you to do so. Connect the Metamask wallet and fill it with ETH or USDT tokens.

After completing all these steps, you will finally be able to trade ETH or USDT with TAMA. Please note that the minimum allowable investment on Tamadoge is 1000 TAMA tokens.

If you are interested and want to know more about Tamadoga buy in advance Here is a slightly more comprehensive guide to guide you step by step, perfect for any beginner looking to start investing.

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