Bitcoin (BTC) needs investment


Funding is needed to develop the Bitcoin (BTC) infrastructure and improve the efficiency of the Lightning network. Fortunately, companies wishing to undertake these projects can turn to venture capital firms such as Stillmark..

Stillmark funds BTC projects

Stillmark founder and managing partner Alice Killin was recently interviewed about financing Bitcoin (BTC) projects through venture capital investments. You have hinted that your interest in BTC derives from the fact that it is a financial technology at the service of the poor and very numerous populations of the world who do not have or have access to bank accounts. However, she made it clear that Stillmark invests in two categories of bitcoin projects. On the one hand, the company finances it. bitcoin development (cryptocurrency). Instead, we are talking about the financialization of companies that develop projects in the Lightning network of the blockchain of the same name.

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Alice Killin made it clear that instead of being a BTC fund, we’re actually a universal fund in the bitcoin space, so let’s do everything that’s happening in bitcoin right now, top to bottom. traditional venture capital firms to support Bitcoin (BTC) project founders.

Alice also indicated that Stillmark sees venture capital as the way forward. Help sponsors to accelerate the development of their projects. He noted that if Stillmark can work well on BTC projects, it could accelerate network adoption and expand Bitcoin services. So I hope that if we do a good job, the fundamental value of bitcoin can be increased, “she continued.

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In a recent interview, Stillmark founder Alice Killin explained how her company is using venture capital to accelerate the development of Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain projects. She suggested that Stillmark might increase B.CT.

Source: Bitcoin Journal

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