BNB: What can you buy with Binance Coin?


Binance is one of the most popular platforms in the cryptocurrency industry. Not only does it allow you to buy and trade cryptocurrencies, it also has its own BNB token. The latter is anchored to the Binance BNB Chain blockchain, which replaces the Binance Smart Chain.

This token offers Binance users a number of benefits while using it and also allows them to purchase goods and services.

Buy other cryptocurrencies

Buying other cryptocurrencies is one of BNB’s prime features. Some tokens, such as Battle Infinity, can only be purchased with BNB.

Buy IBAT with BNB

Battle Infinity is a new cryptographic project whose token is IBAT. It starts from the concept of “play to earn” and combines a revolutionary gaming experience with the mechanism of the blockchain. It is currently in presale and You can only get IBAT with BNB.

This promising project has already raised over 3,500 BNB. a few days after launch.

Users can access Battle Swap, Battle Market, Battle Store and Battle Arena from any browser and upload assets and images for emboss.

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Buy virtual land in Axie Infinity with BNB

Launched in 2018, this game is one of the first to integrate NFT and cryptocurrency into the gaming world with its AXS token. It is based on the “play to earn” strategy. It offers two game modes (Adventure and Arena) where you can compete against other players to improve your experience and earn AXS Tokens.

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Therefore, you can expand your influence in this game by purchasing virtual land. This can be done with BNB.

Apart from these two tokens, you can also buy other altcoins with BNB. This is done by swapping BNB vs Altcoin of your choice. These altcoins include:

  • ether
  • Solana
  • Cardano
  • Shiba Inu.

In addition to buying altcoins, You can also use BNB tokens to purchase services or goods..

buy services

The BNB token is conceived as a secure means of payment integrated into everyday life. Binance announces that it allows you to purchase various services. Once you have BNB tokens in your wallet, you can use them for various services such as:

  • Pay for a BitTorrent subscription
  • Buy a dedicated server on PureVPN
  • Hire freelancers on Canya
  • Buy virtual gifts on DENT.

In addition to these classic services, you can take advantage of them BNB to book a stay or a hotel room. For these services, Binance advertises as a partner for hotel bookings and Travala for accommodation bookings.

it is also possible Book airline tickets with BNB on TravelbyBitIf you want to buy a new smartphone, you can also do it in BNB.

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buy goods

Among the many ways to use BNB is to buy smartphones. The parent platform of BNB that Binance offers on its websiteBuy Smartphone of the HTC brand with BNB.

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Binance also offers payment solutions for platforms such as Monetha. This allows BNB holders to buy from sellers on the Monetha platform. (This further demonstrates the penetration of cryptocurrencies into daily activities.)

Just like Monetha it has many other platforms integrated Binance into their payment solutions enable your users shop in BNB. These include, among others:

  • CoinGate
  • ass
  • payments in coins.

With BNB you can also book accommodation on Loom Network or buy music on MachiX.

One of the original uses of BNB was in finance. Binance offers you the opportunity to carry out financial activities on its platform by borrowing money, investing or even trading stocks with BNB. Therefore it is possible:

  • Pay your bills on LNDR
  • Get a loan on Nexo or ETHLend
  • Make an investment in Moeda.

Unlike other altcoins, BNB is quite comfortable and useful. It can be used to buy other altcoins or to buy services and goods. However, it should be noted that there aren’t many Binance partners that allow you to use BNB to purchase goods and services. We look forward to expanding Binance’s partnerships and opportunities to use BNB.

To learn more about BNB, how to get it and how to use it:

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