Bored Ape Investor loses 100 ETH in a tie!


Jokes can cost Franklin, one of the biggest investors in the Bored Ape Yacht Club, dearly. The club member just paid the price, losing 100 ETH, or nearly $ 160,000 at the current token price.

It all started earlier this week when Franklin created the ENS domain to tease the fake auction trend. The name of this domain ““. When the domain became available on the Opensea platform, Franklin wagered 100 ETH using another digital wallet. This offer was part and parcel of the user devised joke.

Another collector bids on a domain name at the price of 1891 WETH. Franklin immediately accepted the offer. An element that he publicly greeted on the Twitter social network. But after the offer was accepted, Franklin left his fake offer of 100 ETH active on the same domain name. The new owner, having invested less than 2 ETH, immediately sold it to someone who promised to offer 100. So Franklin fell into the trap of his own joke.

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By the time he realizes his mistake, it will be too late. But the user seems to have reacted in a more philosophical way, as a hasty tweet shows.

Oh no. I lost 100 ETH. I was celebrating my joke about selling the domain name, but due to greed, I forgot to withdraw my offer of 100 ETH to buy it back. This will be the joke and the mistake of the century. I deserve all the jokes and criticisms.

However, Franklin tried to have the sale canceled by what remains his buyer and seller today. But the odds are high that the NFT BAYC timeshare request will remain in vain.

Funny community reaction!

This episode will make the Twitter community laugh. Many users quickly created memes based on Franklin’s bad experience. The BAYC investor himself knew that the ridicule would quickly follow.

However, some followers of his Twitter account wanted to express their support for him. This story, which makes those who see it smile from afar, can at least teach us a few lessons. And especially a systematic review of our actions, especially when it comes to such financial matters.

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The trader who successfully carries out this flip has, in turn, already reinvested part of the amount in other NFTs. He took the opportunity to buy The Sandbox’s Theft of Mount Gox NFT for 1.59 ETH or an NFT from the Still PEPE collection for 1.45 ETH.

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