Comparison of the best NFT games of the moment


The distinctive feature of NFTs is non-fungibility. This makes it a unique and irreplaceable element. Therefore we can say it NFT – certificate of ownership this makes the digital object unique and not interchangeable.

It is recorded and stored on the blockchain, which guarantees its authenticity. So the integration of NFTs in games is oriented towards this.give game items that unique character. The importance becomes even clearer when you think of the ultra rare legendary item in the game in the form of an NFT.

The cost of this NFT can reach unimaginable amounts, not only for its rarity, but also for the hypotheses that could be made about it. This is the whole point of NFT games.

Therefore, several NFT games are launched, some of which stand out. To identify the best one, it makes sense to make this comparison. First, it should be noted that most of the NFT games we have presented are still in development.

soul of nature

Soul of Nature is an NFT game set in the metaverse and is about the conservation of the environment. It has its own token called ZOOIE.

game principle

The principle of the game is very simple, to play you need NFT games. They are limited to 9,271. Once you have purchased your NFT, you can use it to explore the game’s metaverse and gain experience.

Your NFT, which will take the form of an animal, will be able to participate in missions and earn money. This is the “play to earn” logic that almost all NFTS games have.

symbolic value

The Soul of Nature token ($ ZOOIE) does not yet have a fixed cost. Studios Metazouithe designers of this game have yet to give the token any real value.

public interest

Community interest in this NFT game project is growing. This is due to the theme of the game and also the opportunity to explore universe in high definition. The immersive experience the game offers is also an advantage.

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It is available both in the PC browser and in the smartphone. Game developers donate 7% of post-game NFT sales to conservation organizations.

As such, Soul of Nature is an NFT game that offers an immersive experience in the heart of nature. The launch will take place in four phases, with the official launch in 2023.

Sometimes all you need is a gentle breeze on your face. It’s nice to communicate with nature 🍃

Follow Terran’s lead and take a break from NFT and Twitter 🐻

– Souls of Nature (@soulsofnature_) July 20, 2022

Fight against infinity

Battle Infinity is undoubtedly the NFT game that will have the greatest impact on the gaming world.

game principle

Playing Battle Infinity will be like competing in different sports. Whether in a team or alone, depending on the different modes, you need to gain experience and items.

These can be skins, potions, weapons, etc. These are NFTs that you can trade on the gaming market. This is an app earning game and you can also earn tokens for the time you spend in the game’s metaverse.

symbolic value

The Battle Infinity Token is IBAT and has a value of $ 0.0015. This value is set during the token presale. It is exchangeable with BNB and over 6,000 BNB have been traded so far.

public interest

Almost 2 million euros have already been invested in IBAT in less than a month. This indicates the interest of the crypto community in Battle Infinity. While the amount of Ibat that can be purchased is limited to a maximum of 500 BNB, the token sale is moving at breakneck speed.

Battle Infinity is an NFT game that integrates the Play to Earn function. It offers 6 game modes, the most impressive of which is the IBAT Premier League.


Decentraland is one of the most popular NFT games. It is based on a theme related to real estate, art and adventure.

game principle

In Decentraland, each player has a country (LAND) or a virtual currency (MANA). Each player can lay out their land at their discretion, without any restrictions. He can also use it to create buildings or works of art of impressive proportions.

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It is also possible to buy and sell LANDs, which are actually NFTs.

A new version of the #Decentraland SDK is being developed to significantly improve usability, performance and portability.

Read the full SDK 7 manifest on our blog for full details and launch schedule:

– Decentraland (@decentraland) July 29, 2022

symbolic value

Decentraland actually has two tokens: LAND and MANA. MANA is an aggregate of LAND, so only MANA is considered a Decentraland token.

MANA has a value of € 1.06 and a market capitalization of almost € 2 billion. Over the past 12 months, it has fluctuated sharply, without falling into the red. His record in the last twelve months is 4.89 euros.

public interest

Public interest in Decentraland is well known. Proof of this is the huge market capitalization. The ever-increasing number of players is also a fact that confirms the sustainability of this game and its token.

As such, Decentraland is a high performance NFT game. Its token is one of the most coveted and aims to significantly increase its value in the coming months.

There are many other NFT games that can be placed in a better category. These include Silks and Axie Infinity, among others. Both offer innovative game concepts and their tokens are $ STT and AXS respectively. There is no information on the cost of $ STT yet, but AXS is currently priced at € 19.09.

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