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With a brand new one Deloitte surveyNamed after a comprehensive program, namely Traders Prepare for Cryptocurrencies, the company has thoroughly analyzed how cryptocurrencies have recently begun to position themselves in the sensitive segment of trading.

This the report was published recently and provides a lot of detailed information. Obviously we are facing a real study based on data sought by all parties. According to this, global companies are preparing for the new frontier of crypto payments.

The vast majority of businesses believe the same will be true for crypto payments ubiquitous for years to come. Before analyzing the results of the survey, which, as we recall, was carried out in close collaboration with PayPal, it is worth clarifying one aspect.

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Deloitte survey: here are the results

Go straight into the details investigation Deloitte, the same points out that:

It focuses on U.S. consumer companies with annual revenues of less than $ 10 million to $ 500 million and above and asks them for their views on digital currency payments and investments they have made in payment infrastructure, as well as their plans for the coming years .

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In this case, however, it is important to emphasize that the company does not differentiate Bitcoin from the more general concept of cryptocurrencies. In any case, it is to be considered the first world cryptocurrency already seized by many global fintechsboth Bitcoin (asset with the highest market capitalization).

Between Other interesting findings are:

  • About two-thirds (64%) of merchants surveyed indicated that their customers have a significant interest in using digital currencies for payments;
  • Over 85% of companies rank enabling cryptocurrency payments as a high or very high priority, while around 83% do the same for stablecoins;
  • Around 83% expect consumer interest in digital currencies for payments to increase or increase significantly over the next 12 months;
  • Nearly three-quarters of respondents said they want to accept cryptocurrency or stablecoin payments within the next 24 months.

The data therefore shows evidence Dealer Action and those actively engaged in trading on aspects related to cryptocurrencies and their integration in the delicate segment of digital payments. A still nascent world mixed with another concept much analyzed by experts, namely that of modern finance.

Final comments

Referring to what has been said in the introduction, the cryptocurrency sector, at least for the best known and capitalized companies that already exist in many large companies. Some of them have also already decided to accept cryptocurrency payments.

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