DeFi Coin: + 23% in 7 days! Next clue?


Following the release of Messari’s 1H 2022 fundraising report, DeFi Coin is up about 23% in 7 days. Official report that DeFi Coin closed the first half of the year on a very strong, almost collapsing note $ 624 million in June those. double the amount collected in the previous six months.

A rather bright future for this cryptocurrency, which still comes from a trusted source. In fact Messari is one of these. leader in smart tools, able to help professionals make decisions in the crypto space. These tools combine data analysis and insights with other powerful tools to increase industry transparency.

23% increase for DEFC

Just before this article was written, DeFi Coin’s estimated value was around $ 0.1182. Its 24-hour trading volume was $ 1066.52 and currently ranks at 6322 according to CoinMarketCap. So that’s an increase of 8.98%, indicating a significant increase during the day. 23% in the last week.

DeFi Coin (DEFC) is essentially a booming decentralized finance sector (Call). As the token name suggests, DEFC is closely associated with the new DeFi Swap DEX system, which can provide key trading and mining services to provide income to investors.

DeFi Swap is a platform that provides fast and cheap exchange between cryptocurrency users. Also, there are Bet opportunity placing their tokens in a cash pool for a certain period of time in exchange for a reward in the form of an annual interest rate. In particular, the platform offers one of the best interest rates for DEFC investors.

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Although DeFi Swap was still in production for several months, exchange management finally gave the green light to start trading in early May. The action that rather powerful effect. on DeFi currency (DEFC). In fact, its price has automatically increased to over 300%.

The impact of the InvestAnswers YouTube channel

This is probably one of the reasons why DEFC came out on top. the support provided by InvestAnswers, Youtuber with 443,000 subscribers specialized in the cryptocurrency sector.

In fact, on August 1, the latter announced live that it intends to compare Uniswap (UNI) with two large exchanges, in addition to Coinbase (a centralized exchange platform). According to him, the ecosystem proposed by DeFi is promising future.

As he is a famous cryptocurrency expert with many influencers, he has one noticeable effect to his words. As a result, his comments could have a positive impact on the exchange value of the DEFC token.

DeFi loves and has a future

After a year of development Velorex is finally ready to release its DeFi-centric hardware to the public. According to the startup, ATMs could hit the market in the fourth quarter of 2022. It has already started accepting orders from companies in the same sector.

Thus, all small businesses that will buy one of the future Velorex DeFi ATM have full control of the software and functionality of the machines. You will also be able to handle everything completely on your own.

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After these many opportunities, many investors accustomed to a more traditional format have now decided to turn to DeFi. Hence the decentralized financial community grows thanks to a complete ecosystem Using blockchain technology to trade without a central platform.

TVL DeFi exploded

According to Amberdata, TVL DeFi – the total volume of transactions made through DeFi – has increased by $ 601 million in 2020. over $ 239 billion in 2022. Significant growth shows interest in decentralized finance.

You should be aware that accessibility, transparency and security for investors have greatly improved in recent years. Consequently, they are more interested. It makes sense that DEFC can only continue go up cheap because the whole ecosystem is booming and will continue to evolve over the next few years.

Find out more about DeFi Coin and its prospects in particular number of investors that he wants to achieve by the end of the third semester, we told you in this article some time ago.

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