Epic Games will not follow Minecraft’s NFT ban


Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said the company will not ban NFTs because developers “have the freedom to choose how they make their games.” News that should calm the cryptocurrency industry from one of the global video game giants.

The long-awaited position is now understandable

Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games, says his company “definitely not” will follow the Minecraft developers B. banning non-fungible tokens (NFT).

As previously reported, the Mojang Studios Minecraft developers have banned the integration of NFT into the environment because they believe so. speculative aspect of NFT, and the scarcity and risks of exclusion and cheating that are believed to be associated with NFTs are contrary to the principles of the game.This decision was seen as highly controversial within the NFT community, although it was enthusiastically welcomed by a group of crypto-skeptical gamers. Again, NFTs are discussed as any innovation of their time.

Mr. Sweeney’s company is the source of the Fortnite gamewhich is, and perhaps will be considered by some, a worldwide success Metaverse platform. While Epic Games isn’t necessarily in favor of cryptocurrency or NFTs, the CEO said the company isn’t trying to impose an opinion on its users on this issue:

Developers should be free to choose how their games are made and you should be free to choose whether or not to play them. I think stores and operating system vendors shouldn’t interfere by imposing their opinions on others. Of course we won’t.

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Developers should be free to choose how their games are made and you should be free to play them. I believe that companies and operating system vendors should not interfere by imposing their opinions on others. We certainly won’t.

– Tim Sweeney (@TimSweeneyEpic) July 21, 2022

In response to this post, Twitter user Low5ive Sweeney asked if Epic Games’ policy of banning “hateful / discriminatory content” differs from this. In response, Sweeney suggested that Epic Games issue “editorial” judgments, butNFTs are not currently enabled.

The store may decide not to mark or host anything legal, or to maintain acceptable standards for the general public as we do, or to only accept games that reflect the personal beliefs of the store owner, “he said.

In the NFT Worlds game, you have to find a solution

Ban on NFT by Mojang Studios left a project called NFT Worlds with a big problem to solve, assuming it was one created on one of the open source Minecraft servers.

The Play-to-Earn (P2E) community platform is surrounded by an entire crypto and NFT ecosystem. whose NFTs generate 51,000 ether (ETH).Hence, the trading volume $ 80.8 million at the time of writing. However, since the news broke, his NFT’s reserve price has risen. it fell from 3.33 ETH to 1.01 ETH At the time of writing, its native WRLD token has dropped 55% over this period.

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After Mojang’s announcement, the NFT Worlds team said they were in attendance “Think of the solutions” to move forward. The team said they are working to contact Minecraft to see if a solution can be found. Otherwise A. Switching to a Minecraft-like game engine. or GameFi platform have been described as options.

We just shared the following announcement in our Discord regarding the current situation with @Minecraft and @nftworldsNFT. pic.twitter.com/ARbKABRK4A

– NFT Worlds (@nftworldsNFT) July 20, 2022

in NFT debate not ready yetthrill the gaming community and not only. Indeed, NFT and games seem like natural allies many projects that connect both worlds should also see the light in the coming months.

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