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With reference to the latest values ​​of the most important world stock exchanges, last week it was possible to witness a Solana Rally (SOL) up 20% On. A growth that the token had already shown in the past (even with higher percentages), but which had not been recorded for a long time.

We immerse ourselves in an ecosystem that today can be considered and confirmed as relatively historical Crypto and blockchain segment. The theme of many of our guides, a slow-to-market ecosystem offers low transaction costs, but above all one of the fastest technologies ever.

Its native token is called SOL and has been listed among many others throughout the year internationally renowned brokers and stock exchanges. You can also find it on eToro, one of the most complete platforms in the cryptocurrency trading industry, also considered a real cryptocurrency exchange.

It allows you to freely start with a unlimited demo account, or to start playing for real money, make a minimum deposit of just € 50. However, the management can be carried out both through the desktop web mode and through the application for mobile devices.

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Rally Solana (SOL) up 20%: here are the latest changes to the asset

Reconnect with what was said earlier on the Solana Rally (SOL) up 20%, it is good to start over and look at the latest variations of the token in its reference table. Specifically, by setting a 7-day chart, we can see how the value of the token was about $ 36 on July 16 (in some sections).

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A point that was immediately replaced by a first significant growthwhich reached over $ 42 per unit in the early hours of July 18, 2022. A small correction on the same day anticipated another hike, resulting in an initial breach of $ 45 and then $ 46 per cryptocurrency.

On 20 and 21 July the symbolic trend corrected on average, returning to lower levels around $ 40.11 in the early hours of the 21st of last week).

At the time of writing, according to the major online exchangers, the price of Solana (FLOOR) is around $ 41.72. This shows a fluctuation of -0.3% in the 24 hours and a fluctuation of about + 12.2% on a weekly basis. More relevant data on the SOL token below:

  • current cap at $ 14,411,668,768 (the cryptocurrency holds ninth place in the ranking by market capitalization);
  • Last 24 Hours Trading Volume of USD 1,285,891,745;
  • Stable record (ATH) at $ 259.96 (November 6, 2021);
  • all-time low at $ 0.500801 (May 11, 2020);
  • Market dominance of 1.314%.

Final comments

At the end of the study, we remind you that you can still have control (in total autonomy) SOL Token Performanceusing the handy real-time charts provided by the best online brokers.

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With them you can see live how cryptocurrency moves and receives in the market lots of information and data, capitalization level, trading volume and much more. One of the brokers who have long signed Solana eToro (click here to register).

It is a historical platform with real licenses on our territory, but above all easy to use and with spreads among the lowest and most competitive in the world. It allows you to always have access to a remarkable educational section called Trading Academy, with which you can get information and ideas on the world of crypto trading.

To make the broker unique compared to the competition, the attendances are more numerous Additional services. First, eToro acts as both a CFD broker (to trade contracts for difference) and a cryptocurrency exchange (to buy and sell specific crypto assets in the real world). Then introduce the staking function and much more.

Other features are:

  • app;
  • 24/7 professional support;
  • Copy Trading to select real traders and get their own market operations;
  • Significantly simplified administration.

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