Is it worth investing in Play to Earn games?


Have you ever wondered if it is possible to make money playing online games or investing in online games? It turns out that it was possible for a while! Many games already offer the opportunity to the user be rewarded play or interact with the virtual environment.

This is the case with games like Play to earn money (P2E) which allow players to earn rewards, usually in the form of tokens, for completing game activities. These tokens can not only be redeemed within the game itself, but can also be exchanged for another cryptocurrency or a more traditional currency outside the virtual environment.

Play to earn games

Recently, games have appeared on the market in which you need to earn money. They are based on a simple concept: the player invests their time in the game and receives rewards by completing tasks. For some, they represent P2E. third generation games shortly after Free to Play (F2P).

which distinguish between these two types is that F2P is available for free and is usually monetized via the in-game store – exclusive skins, special avatar skills are some examples.

While P2E games follow a different dynamic: they allow winners Get tokens as a reward for specific tasks. Additionally, they use blockchain technologies that allow players to make money on their own through cryptography and in-game NFTs.

How does the P2E reward system work?

Each P2E gaming platform has a common cryptocurrency that it uses to trade. To play these games, players need to purchase tokens of this cryptocurrency. Players can then Spend these tokens play for a chance to earn more in the form of rewards.

Otherwise it is also possible monitor NFT price fluctuations : Players can see their capital increase when the price of their NFT goes up. This is a unique feature of P2E that makes this option attractive to both gamers and investors.

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Finally some allow P2E Sign, There is a practice of locking tokens with a smart contract for a certain period of time. In return, the player receives a reward in the form of interest.

Which P2E games are worth trying in 2022?

There is many P2E games and many will come. So let’s take a quick look at the ones that will come out in the coming months and which could be the game of the year.

Infinite Battle (IBAT)

Battle Infinity is currently on pre-order and is growing in popularity. It’s kind of a game fantasy league Use the Metaverse to allow players to compete on teams they can create, as well as progress in this universe by leveling up their champions and trying to rise to the top.

There are still about 70 days to go until the presale is over and the project has already raised over 5,000 BNB. There is a real buzz around this project being developed on Unreal Engine.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is also a new project currently in presale. Use the Dogecoin ecosystem and combines Metaverso and Tamagotchi offer a new type of P2E. There is talk of getting NFTs with images of Tamagotchi-like creatures that were popular in the late 1990s.

Therefore, they can be fought with other players, developed and researched. tamauniverso, this unique world of Tamadoge and much more. This P2E looks promising as it uses the popular concept of mixing blockchain technology and the metaverse.

Should we invest in P2E?

Play to Earn is a combination of the fun side of video games and the opportunity to earn money for your time. it potential insight into the future of the video game industry. Many other mainstream video game studios have been interested in this phenomenon, including Ubisoft.

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At the moment it is difficult to say whether it is worth investing in P2E or not. The cryptocurrency sector is new and the P2E sector is even more so. In the long run these games not mature enough to see if they can continue.

On the other hand, it is undeniable in the short term. These projects bring money and which, therefore, can be invested to make a profit. Check out the Axie Infinity, for example, which cost $ 150 in its heyday. Despite the problems, most notably over $ 600 million in piracy, the game has generated profits for both investors and gamers.

Trade with caution

Ultimately, P2E is no different than any other investment. so he he must be vigilant Analyze the state of the market, make your decision and then decide for yourself whether to invest, bearing in mind that investing is potentially wasted money.

So don’t try to invest just thinking it will make a lot of money, invest when you see the potential in the project and believe it will be successful. There’s no denying that P2E can be a great source of investment, but it all depends on how you do it. it true for any cryptographic project or not.

The Metaverse certainly will to play an important role P2E in the future as they are likely to become more common to the point that many modern video game studios will use them in the future.

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