McKinsey predicts that Metaverse will be worth $ 5 trillion


As the cryptocurrency winter continues to add ice to the fire of somewhat heated cryptocurrency markets, it’s easy to wonder what the future holds for irreplaceable aethones like virtual real estate. . Sales activity is currently in decline, and many owners appear to be in Buy and Hold mode.

However, this bearish stance that has blanketed the markets in a thick blanket of snow has also created many benefits for anyone with a long-term view of the impermanent metaverse. Two new metaverse growth reports have been released over the past year, and they both agree: it will be a long and hot summer for investors stepping in during the bear market.

Long-term forecast of growth potential across all sectors

McKinsey & Company has published some very interesting results for future owners of the metaverse in cities such as Decentraland (mentioned MANA). For example, among respondents, 57% of metaverse-aware companies said they were early adopters. Customers are also interested in this area, with 59% saying they are excited to move their daily business into the metaverse.

For virtual property owners, this means that more and more companies want space, whether it’s a billboard, a showcase or something more interesting, as they arrive and users are also looking for new ways to interact with their brands. popular, large and small. It is and remains a great opportunity for Metaverse owners and developers to put their properties to good use and generate stable income, especially in Decentraland where users come and go every day.

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McKinsey’s projections include a prediction that the Metaverse could be worth $ 5 trillion by 2030, which broke all kinds of records last fall and winter.

Metaverse as a percentage of the world economy

DBS Bank Limited, the largest bank in Southeast Asia, also released a rather impressive and upbeat report around the same time as McKinsey. Among the many published results is a forecast that the Metaverse market will be worth between $ 11 trillion and $ 3 trillion by 2030.

The DBS goes on to explain that the Metaverse is expected to account for 10% -40% of the digital economy and 3% -10% of the entire global economy, which falls between UK GDP (lower scale) and the GDP. United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Nemia (above).

“Buy low” has never been so full of potential

While the real estate metaverse has been a hit alongside the rest of the cryptocurrency world, it’s not out of the question at all. It’s actually time to get started if you can get a virtual reward. Many worried virtual land owners stick to their investments, but there are still virtual lands you can purchase if you do your research.

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Decentraland, The Sandbox and Otherside of the Bored Ape Yacht Club have several virtual properties ready to be in the right place at the right time when cryptocurrency winter arrives. You can buy any of these lots via an exchange such as OpenSea, where you can view lots directly or via markets on your preferred platform.

Remember that the purpose of buying a property in the metaverse is to do something to add value and utility, with the name indicating your chances of renting the property to someone for profit, increasing the value of the world you bought from is indicated by the investment community.

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