Pundi X (PUNDIX): Why is the token exploding?


Project Pundi X is partnering with hundreds of others whose mission is to democratize cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. But unlike most solutions, Pundi X caters to a specific and often forgotten audience: merchants. Although few people have visited the site in the past few weeks, the project leaders now seem intent on accelerating their development.

Focus on the Pundi X project

The Pundi X project aims to make it easier Commercial use of digital assets. While many projects are aimed at individuals, particularly providing cryptocurrency wallets, Pundi X is aimed at professionals. The project is also trying to fit into the topic of affordability. By offering simple means of payment to an entire segment of the population, part of which is excluded from banking.

More precisely, Pundi X offers a box for these payments: XPOS. This is the same field for credit card payments. Except that the transactions are done in digital assets. To make their box democratic, Pundi X wanted to focus above all on the usability of this box. Much attention has been paid to the similarity of payment boxes to bank cards. In order to pay through this box, the brand offers a card: XPAS.

These boxes are already available in over 30 countries around the world. In a country like Nigeria, the XPOS box has enabled partner merchants to be the first in Africa to accept bitcoin as payment. Pundi X is also present in other very active cryptocurrency markets such as Brazil and Singapore. The company is currently relying on very high global inflation to further develop its ecosystem. That is why it is now present in Turkey.

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PUNDIX is over 100% more!

As can be seen from the graph below, available through the Coinmarketcap platform, which shows the PUNDIX price of the last 7 days:

While the token has been trading in a range of $ 0.39 to $ 0.42 for several days, PUNDIX experienced a blast in the late morning session. Go from $ 0.40 to nearly $ 0.70 in minutes. This first ascent led to a particularly fast climb up the stairs.

At its peak, the token even broke the dollar symbolic bar before turning back. At the moment The PUNDIX token is trading around $ 0.95.. A price level that allows the project to be close to the gates of the top 100 largest crypto projects. With a market capitalization of $ 248 million, the final is in 130th place.


Cryptocurrencies are a risky investment.

Although markets appear to be recovering within a few sessions, it is difficult to place the PUNDIX pump in the global context of the markets.

In recent days, the project leaders have been very active on social networks. This allowed them to share the progress of the ecosystem and Pundi X projects, especially in Turkey where many partnerships with local traders were being formed.

After several weeks of waiting, the project seems to have started to develop better. While the lack of communication has often been criticized by the community, the message seems to have been well received. There are also rumors that project managers are considering integrating with Web 3. Universe, which has been particularly trendy in recent months.

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And what about the prospects of PUNDIX?

If we stick with the forecasting algorithms, the bullish sentiment seems to prevail. Be it short, medium or long term. Therefore, the DigitalCoinPrice platform believes that the PUNDIX token can continue its rise in the coming months and years. At the end of 2022, the token is expected to trade in a price range between $ 1.17 and $ 1.33.

For the PricePrediction platform, it is assumed that the current price may be quite close to the year-end price. In the long term, the platform is also optimistic, predicting that the PUNDIX token could be worth just under $ 3 by 2025. A price level that will still remain at a fair distance from the ATH recorded in April 2021. At its maximum, the token was trading above $ 7.

Be careful though, the token is likely to go through a correction phase in the next few hours or days. In any case, many buy indicators seem to recommend buying the token in the medium to long term.

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