Tamadoge vs Shiba Inu: who gets $ 1?


in The memcoin industry entertains and interests investors around the world. I must say that the Shiba Inu project, promoted by Elon Musk, was a great success some time after its release. It can be difficult to understand why humor-based tokens are so popular. Memcoins are UFOs, even in cryptocurrencies.

But these new concepts seduce both with the technology used and with the innovative gameplay they offer. However, there is a problem: the golden age of the Shiba Inu, it seems, has already passed. What Hopes for another cryptocurrency bull run for Shiba Inu are fading when new, more popular designs appear.

Tamadoge is one of the competitors Shiba Inu. In this article we will see which of the two cryptocurrencies is promising in the future.

SHIBA token issue with reaching $ 1

Shiba has an aura, mostly because of the formidable Bull Run, which he ran into after promoting Elon Musk. But how then to explain the current decline?

in The main problem with the SHIBA token is that it is an outdated token.. There are approximately 590 million tokens currently held, with a potential of 1 trillion tokens. This The values ​​are too high for a project of this magnitude.

This directly affects the value of the Shiba Inu project. This becomes inflationary, which means that it is always necessary to hold a large number of tokens in order to be able to hope for a substantial profit.

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The Shiba Inu development team hasn’t without securing your crypto token in the face of such high demand. Therefore, one should beware that only a few new buyers will dare to make such an investment. Conversely, a currency can depreciate over time.

Given all these elements, this is very likely to be the case Shiba Inu will never reach $ 1 per token.

Tamadoge, the union of nostalgia and cryptography of the future

Tamadoge is a new project inspired by the Tamagotchi concept. He an ideal competitor to overthrow cryptocurrencies such as DogeCoins and Shiba Inu.

Tamaverse concept with TAMA token

Tamadoge creates a complete ecosystem with many features for gamers. Collect unique retro-themed NFTs for use in the game!

you may have understood The trend is towards the metaverse and Tamadoge is no exception. Players are free to interact with each other and share their favorite NFTs.

With simple yet effective gameplay, it will definitely overthrow the Shiba Inu. The goal is simple Let your Tamadoge NFT fight against other players in the battle arenas. For each battle played, you will receive more or less rewards, each of which has a value in TAMA tokens.

Tamadoge, cross-platform game

Always trying to democratize your token as much as possible, Tamadoge can be played on your mobile. This is a great tool that allows you to interact with all Tamadoge players anywhere!

The app will be called Tamadoge Augmented Reality. This idea could go a long way in democratizing the game in the coming months.

The TAMA token decreases to explode at the $ 1 level

Tamadoge has a clear difference from the Shiba Inu. It has a deflationary system that dilutes the token. instead of creating more and more.

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Explanation of the Tamadoge deflation system

Tamadoge will not reproduce the same mistakes as its predecessors. When you shop in the Tamadoge ecosystem, There are fees that automatically apply to everyone.

it is in general 35% of the cost of the distributed Tamadoge somewhere else. 5% will go to transaction fees and 30% will go to commercialization of the project.

After all this only 65% ​​of your token value is effective for purchase. This approach is great for ensuring the stability of the cryptocurrency. Let’s avoid the destructive inflation process that the Shiba Inu went through and keep the value at a decent level.

Tamadoge reassures with its anti-fraud system

The team did everything well verify your CoinSniper project. The latter take care of the verification process, also known as KYC. This lends a little more credibility to the project, which is already well on its way to breaking the $ 1 limit in no time!

Buy Tamadoge in advance

Getting TAMA tokens is relatively easy! All you have to do is go to the official presale page and click Buy.

You must first have a MetaMask wallet with deposited funds. To learn more about the purchase process, check out our detailed guide that walks you step by step through the steps!

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