The Securities Commission investigates Coinbase


The SEC took an interest in Coinbase, the most used platform in the United States (but not globally, where Binance leads), after it began increasing the number of “tokens” it offers for the exchange. However, they dismissed the platform’s allegation.

“We are confident that our rigorous due diligence process, a process already under review by the SEC, is keeping the securities off our platform and we look forward to further discussions on this,” said Paul Grewal. Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer, in a note. he shared his Twitter account about him.

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In a separate case, the SEC last week indicted a former Coinbase employee for violating trade regulations by leaking information to help his brother and a friend purchase “tokens” before they entered the platform, of which nine have been determined. as values. The SEC has no jurisdiction over digital assets, but it does have over securities, and according to the agency’s current stance, many cryptocurrencies would fall within this framework.

According to the law, a digital asset is a security (or “collateral” as it is called in English) when there is an investment contract, or a “return” that will profit from the efforts of others.

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