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The mass adoption cryptocurrencies are currently enjoying is mainly due to their ability to serve as an investment vehicle. Each year it attracts new followers who hope to become cryptocurrency millionaires by investing a few dollars. However, the success of the first investments is far from guaranteed, which causes these newcomers to change their investment strategy in the cryptocurrency market. Explanations.

From euphoria to disappointment

Once in the cryptocurrency market, newcomers are generally receptive to asset stories whose value has skyrocketed over time. He guides her invest in all sectors shit coins hoping they will suffer the same fate. This is the first level of the course for beginners who are now convinced that they have made a good investment. As the months go by, they begin to take an interest in other cryptocurrencies on the market.

After skipping the bullish cycles of Bitcoin and Ethereum, most newbies rely on altcoins and bet they will be the next asset to dominate the market. Most often, this second level of beginner investment, like the first one, ends in failure. In both cases, losses due to ignorance of the market and lack of in-depth research on the assets subject to such investments.

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Training and return to origins

After these initial frustrations, beginners eventually decide to sign up for a course to learn more about cryptocurrencies. Aside from this training, some of them try recover previous losses by investing heavily in bitcoin and ether. This return to basics also allows them to better understand market dynamics and to refine their investment strategy accordingly.

The final step in the beginner’s journey is to understand the designs that characterize cryptocurrencies and give them value. So it starts for her on the hunt for innovative projects and should prevail in the cryptosphere in the medium term. Therefore, they are moving away from shitcoins, which are being replaced in their portfolios by assets backed by real technological value.

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Taking losses on your first investment and learning from your mistakes to bounce back is the classic path for anyone entering the cryptocurrency market. When someone bets on a winning horse, as soon as it appears, this reality usually catches up with him. This is far from inevitable, but rather a positive experience that increases their confidence in the future of the cryptocurrency market.

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